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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Here is my outfit from yesterday, much inspired by this post over at Vintageglammz.

Top: Anthropologie Eastpointe Garden top
Cardi: J. Crew
Skirt: Anthropologie
Tights: Hue

Shoes: Dansko

I had a bit of a glasses disaster yesterday. As I was taking off my glasses to go to bed on Monday night, one of the arms completely broke off (as in the metal holding the hinge together broke in two). Not a big deal, right? Well, when you have no back up pair, and you cannot see 3 feet in front of you without the glasses, it is pretty much disastrous. I got up yesterday morning and pretty much held my glasses on my face so that I could get to my optometrist's office. They unfortunately could not fix them, but did tell me about a glasses repair shop that I could try. Once the glasses repair shop opened, I drove myself all the way across town to see if they could help. Yes, they informed me that my glasses could easily be fixed and that it would take about 14 hours, so I could just pick them up the next day. That is all fine and good, except HOW AM I GOING TO GET HOME? Without my glasses, I pretty much can't even see how to get out the door, much less drive a car! After a long discussion, I found out that the actual repair takes 2 to 3 hours and the rest of the time is just for the material to dry/set up. So, I talked them into doing the repair and letting me take the glasses with me so that they could dry/set up at home. Poor Ben had to ride his bike all the way across town in the pouring rain, so that he could drive me home (I was thinking that I was not going to be able to wear the glasses immediately). We waited for about 3 hours and then my glasses were fixed! They said that the repair went well and that they were dry/set enough for me to wear right away! I have never been so happy to put my glasses on! After going most of the day without being able to see, I realized just how much I love and appreciate my glasses!

ps - I will be getting a back-up pair ASAP:)


  1. So scary- I remember the first time I realised I couldn't really function without glasses! Backups are definitely necessary- I lost my glasses somewhere around the apartment a month ago and have been stuck with the back-up pair ever since!

    I love this top- it totally makes an outfit! Nice settings too...

  2. Glad you were able to get your glasses fixed. I wear contacts and change into my glasses at night. I'm totally blind without them and like you, I wouldn't be able to drive without them!!!

    I love this outfit, and the background in your photos is great!!!

  3. oh no, sorry to hear about your glasses. I can still see without mine (i only use it when watching tv or when I'm in front of the computer), but I have 5 back up pairs lol. But your Ben is a saviour! What a great guy to ride his bike in the pouring rain for you. That's Love!!!
    Gorgeous, gorgeous pics! I love the diff venues.

  4. Ooh I'm one of those lucky souls that don't wear glasses or contacts. I'm sorry you had to go through that ordeal but at least now you're lookin' cute again! :)

    I love the look of where you took your photos. Where is this?

  5. oh no! I am glad that worked out for you though! People in my family tend to have to wear glasses when they get older, but right now I am ok I think. I do love the look of glasses though, they add such interest to an outfit I find. Great outfit, that blouse is adorable.

  6. Thatdamngreendress - Very scary! It was definitely a wake up call that a back up pair is necessary!

    Kelly - Thanks! I've tried contacts before, but I had a really hard time getting them in and out. I think I look weird without my glasses anyways!

    Lisa - Thanks:) Having 5 back-ups is certainly better than having none! Ben is a sweetie - for coming to rescue me and for being a trooper while we tried some new photo locations!

    Cindi - You are lucky! Thanks! We went to a couple of different locations in the neighborhood surrounding my office (in NW Portland). The top few were taken at a synagogue (such a beautiful building).

    Jess - Thank you! Almost everyone on my dads side of the family wears glasses. I had to get mine when I was 18ish, but my vision has gotten much worse over the last few years (computer is to blame, I think).

  7. Hi Kristin :( Omg! I cannot imagine what that was like except for the other day when I deleted your comment accidentally I might add.I am blind!! Ugh, But I am so glad you did get to take them home.And do get some back up's quick And your MAN! Oh what a sweetie he is. You have a great guy. And your pictures are great.Love your pictures. I see we are getting serious with the picture taking. Your a brave soul. I am afraid I am too shy :( But you look really good. Is that a church? Almost looks like a castle too.

  8. First, wherever you took your pictures is gorgeous!! Love the backgrounds. And so glad you got your glasses back quick. A backup pair is a very good idea. :)

    Thanks for the advice on my blog yesterday. Much appreciated and I will use it ASAP.

  9. Oh my goodness the setting for these photos is amazing! And your outfit fits right in with the all the lovely details and architecture!

    The glasses thing is such a bummer. It happened to me too. A pair I absolutely loved had the arm break off. And I was stuck without a backup pair. This happened a few years back, RIGHT before I was leaving town. So I was in a real bind and needed new ones asap, which meant I paid too much, which meant the trip budget was compromised. Anyway, all of that is to say I empathize. And now I try to keep a back up around... even if it is a cheapo from zennioptical.

  10. I know exactly how you feel-after a glasses disaster several years ago I now have a back up pair. I love the photos! I really like the eastpoint top on you!

  11. Yikes, that is a disaster. Glad you were able to get them fixed! I've only just now started using reading glasses (the over the counter kind) a couple of times a day for fine print. I was feeling sorry for myself that I needed them at all, but you've made me realize I should not complain.

  12. Glad you're getting a backup picture.

    These photos are absolutely lovely, btw! Love the setting.

  13. backup picture = backup pair of glasses. Sorry. The beauty of your pictures clearly seeped into my subconscience.

  14. Gabby - Thank you:) Yes, Ben definitely saved the day and we are starting to get a little bit serious about taking better photos. This location was a synagogue near my office. It's a huge building and so beautiful!

    Betty Ray - Thanks! We had fun scoping out different photo shoot locations:) This synagogue is really close to my office and perfect for pictures! I look forward to seeing more outfits with your new skirt!

    Jesspgh - Thank you! I have recently decided to get more serious about taking decent pictures. I'm so happy with the way these turned out! Ugh, what bad timing for your glasses to break. Zennioptical is a good option for back-ups. I ordered a couple of pairs from them a few years ago, but none with my current rx. Lesson learned:)

    Stephanie - Thanks! I so glad I got this top. It has gotten quite a few wears over the last month or so. I appreciate the sympathy regarding my glasses:)

    Lady Cardigan - You are lucky to not need glasses, aside from the reading ones. I love my glasses and I like wearing them, but it is scary to think that I cannot function without them.

    JC - I knew exactly what you meant:) I'm glad to hear that the beauty of my photos is so powerful (haha)!

  15. These photos are fantastic. You found a wonderful setting, and the outfit is very bohemian chic. Looks like an Anthro catalog to me!

    So glad to hear your glasses are fixed. I once sat on my wire frame glasses and bent them quite dramatically. I was young and too embarrassed to tell my parents, so I tried to bend them back to their proper shape. I'm sure you can imagine how that turned out ; 0

    Once you have your backup pair, you'll definitely have to sport them for the blogging world to see. I'm sure they'll look great.

  16. Oh, it must be really scary. I had that happen to me before. One time we were hiking and my contact poped. Luckily it fell on my shirt and I resurrected by pour drinking water on it and put it back on. I finally went through Lasik and it has been a life changing experience. Have you consider Lasik?

    I love the photo shots. The background sets up for the portrait perfectly like a anthro catelog page!

  17. Glad you got your glasses fixed! Don't like it when that happens to me either! Lovely outfit by the way :). Where did you get those photos taken? Such amazing architecture! Great setting for a shoot :)

    Sharon @ Fun and Life

  18. I wear glasses too and feel crippled without them. My vision is not as bad as yours but I have to squint to see if I am not wearing my glasses. I don't like that because it causes a deep line in my forehead---yep, I'm vain. I have four pairs of regular glasses, three pairs of prescription sunglasses. I'm lucky to have insurance that provides glasses each year, though I do have to pay a pretty penny for it.

  19. Jamie - Wow, thank you so much! We have been putting more work into taking photos recently, so it's really nice to hear such sweet compliments:) I will definitely show off my back-up glasses once I get them!

    Inkmark - Thank you! Yes, I have considered Lasik. My dad had it done a few years ago and is very happy with the results. I'm still uncertain about it. Maybe one day - for now, I really love my glasses:) I would feel naked without them!

    Sharon - Thanks! We took these photos at a synagogue near my office. It is a really beautiful building!

    Jacquelyn - Lucky you! You have plenty of back-ups and I know what you mean about squinting. That's the reason I finally purchased prescription sunglasses a few years ago. My insurance helps out a bit each year for frames/lenses, but it seems like for the last few years, my rx has changed significantly, so the previous years glasses no longer work as back-ups.

  20. Hi Kristin!
    I must have missed this post - sorry (i was sorting out a little personal business of mine last week - something called 'cyberbullying' to be exact).
    I'm really flattered - really!
    You look fantastic in this ensemble - and I love the location, whereever it is.
    So sorry about your glasses. I don't wear any glasses, but i can imagine how stuck you would be without a back up pair!

  21. Thanks vintageglammz! So sorry you have had to deal with cyberbullying. That sounds terrible:( I hope the situation has been resolved.

  22. You're ROCKING that polka girl!!! :D Greetings from a fellow polka girl from EBEW!


    P.S: I'm giving away a $500 FOLEY + CORINNA bag for my blog's Birthday! Would love to see you joining the fun! :D