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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Oldie

This skirt was one of my very first anthropologie purchases (my 3rd purchase to be exact:). When I first discovered anthropologie about 8 years ago, I didn't live anywhere near a store, so I browsed the website day after day looking at all of the pretties. I was a poor college kid, but I did manage to buy a top on super sale. I was so excited when it arrived and I wore it to death! Months later, I saved some money and bought a dress (again, on super sale). I loved the dress so much and thought that is was the most gorgeous, unique dress ever! Once I moved to Portland 6 years ago, I was elated to find that there was an actual anthropologie store just a few minutes from my office! This skirt was the first thing I bought from the store. The rest is history!

I love the lace and the way that the skirt is cut at an angle so the back is longer than the front.

Top: Anthropologie
Cardi: J. Crew
Skirt: Anthropologie
Tights: J. Crew
Shoes: Seychelles
Necklace: Anthropologie Pessinus Garden necklace

When did you first discover anthropologie? What was your first purchase?


  1. Kristin, these shots are simply amazing! I adore that skirt and I wish I had it in my closet too. I seem to cherish some of my older Anthro pieces. I say they're oldies but goodies. I was a late bloomer, only discovered Anthro in '09. First purchase? You already know this, but it's the Bold Boutonniere. p/s Kudos and props to Ben for these kewl pics.

  2. Great topic! My first Anthro purchase was actually about 5 years ago - i bought a floral dobby dress by Odille. Then i stopped buying for a few years do to the declining dollar and shipping costs. My love for Anthro returned on my trip to the US last year - i was in love with the store concept and of course the clothes!
    Your skirt is very pretty - and i can see that it's an item that will never date.

  3. Beautiful. I love the whole lingerie feel of the skirt.

  4. That skirt is so lovely! I love how Anthro's style is so classic that it transcends the trends, yet is unique at the same time.

    My first Anthro purchase was a skirt by Odille about 6 years ago. While I always loved Anthro, I found them too spendy to shop often. More recently, I've realized that my Anthro clothes are actually a better "investment" for me because it suits my style perfectly and outlasts (in terms of how much I love and wear them) most other items in my closet.

  5. OOOH the skirt is gorgeous! I always lust for anthro goodies, but being a grad student, all i can really do is lust. :( I'll have to content myself with looking at your wonderful finds!

  6. Hi Kristin, I love that Skirt. I am a lover of the "Oldies" I have been trying to collect the older more unique pieces. But this is a great skirt. Your pictures are so awesome. You are getting good!! I really like the shoes as well. I have gotten so many pretty shoes that I think I'm becoming a shoe hoarder!! bad?? You look So pretty :)

  7. Gorgeous Pink! And the angular lace hemline works well with the different length from front to back. Really tones down the sweetness and adds some edge. I am living vicariously through your wonderful backgrounds. You are so lucky to have such interesting photo OPS.

    I am 2 hours from an Anthro. The first store I went to was the Ceasars Palace Store in Las Vegas. I dropped a wad of cash in there. When I got home I suddenly realized that I would have to take the plunge into shopping online. And I did. It's been three years. The few stores I have been to only confuse me. I want everything grouped like Anthro Online.

  8. I love that Anthro pieces stand the test of time. I think the first piece I bought that I REALLY wanted was way back in 2004. A frilly, black lace with mint green and cream lace and some silver tones. I don't know the name, but I still have it and it's one of my faves for sure. That last shot is gorge!

  9. Hi Lisa! Thanks:) Oldies but Goodies, for sure!

    Vintageglammz - Thanks! I'm glad you re-discovered anthro so we can see all of your grat anthro outfits!

    Betty Ray - Thank you!

    Overcaffeinated - Yes, perfect description - classic, yet unique. I totally understand and feel the same way. I would much rather pay more $$ for something I know I will love and wear over and over again (like this skirt)!

    Laura - Thanks! I know what you mean and I have been there myself:)

    Gabby - Thank you! There is nothing wrong with being a shoe hoarder:)

    Laura - Thanks! We are definitely having fun with the pictures. Once I decided that I wanted to try to improve my pictures, I started noticing great locations all around me! The location for these pics is less than 5 minutes from my office! I know what you mean about the stores being confusing. I usually get really overwhelmed by all of the beauty!

  10. Hi Molly! Thanks! The first piece you bought sounds really pretty. The clothing definitely stands the test of time, both in quality and style (for the most part).

  11. I love hearing about these long-loved old pieces...my first anthro experience was in 2009 (oh how exciting to discover I'd inadvertently booked a hotel just down the lane from one in NY...)

  12. All these girls are great! These shots are fantastic! The setting is great too.. an outfit can always be complimented by the scenery of the image and you have done some amazing shots lately! Makes me want to go out and buy a camera! :)

  13. I love the skirt! It's so beautiful with the lace on the bottom and the unique hem.

    My first anthro piece was from 2003-actually I went on a 2,000 shopping spree that will never, ever, be recreated (admittedly it was my grandmother treating me to a new wardrobe-she felt I had horrible clothing, which was pretty much the truth, I felt like I was on what not to wear) I still have most of those clothes(although they don't fit me as they should anymore) because I just can't get rid of anthro pieces.

  14. Hello! I really love that skirt. The detail is so pretty, and the color is nice! I have yet to buy something from Anthropologie, but after seeing this skirt, I'm gonna have to check them out! I wish I lived in a place that had cool buildings like that! :)

  15. Thatdamngreendress - Me too! What a perfect hotel location:)

    Midory - Thank you! We have been having so much fun finding new locations and experimenting with different shots!

    Minnesota Maven - Thanks:) I love the lace! Whoa, what a fun shopping spree!!! That sounds amazing. What a nice thing for your Grandmother to do:)

    Thomessa - Thanks! You should definitely check out Anthro sometime!

  16. That skirt is incredible! I am trying to remember what was my first Anthro buy. It might actually be the Honeycrisp Sweatercoat by Tibi. I still love that dang thing even though it is kind of unflattering to my curvy figure.

  17. Jesspgh - Thanks! I love the Honeycrisp sweatercoat on you (just looked it up on your blog). I don't think its unflattering at all. I love the buttons!