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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back Porch

I hope you all are having a great weekend! I went to a wonderful yoga class yesterday morning and the sun was shining through the windows the whole time. After class, I quickly went home and showered/got dressed and rushed out so that we could get some shots in the sun. As per usual March weather, as soon as we found a suitable location, the rain started coming down. We got a few shots in, but as is started raining harder, we decided to go grab some lunch instead. As soon as we pulled up to the restaurant, it starting hailing. We shared a quick sandwich and when we left, the sun was shining bright, once again! So frustrating, but that is just the way it is around here this time of year. I try to just enjoy any sun we get, even if it is sporadic.

Tank: J. Crew
Blouse: Anthropologie Back Porch Blouse
Jeans: Joe's via Anthropologie
Shoes: Chie Mihara Foil Wrapped Heels (that is Anthro's name for the shoes - I'm not sure what they are called elsewhere)

I wasn't able to purchase these shoes when they were for sale at Anthro. Luckily, I found a pair in my size on ebay last year. They were in perfect condition (NIB). Aren't they gorgeous? Like all of my Chie's, they are TTS and very comfortable.

Ben's mom is visiting from NC. We went out to dinner last night at Tasty n Sons. It was delicious! For any of you that live in Portland or will be visiting anytime soon, I highly recommend it. We had the radicchio salad, Fried Cauliflower & Olives with harissa cream, Linguini with ragout & mascarpone, a burger (best burger in Portland if you ask me), and of course warm chocolate chip cookies with homemade ice cream for dessert (we all shared everything).


  1. SERIOUS shoe envy, Kristin! I've wanted those for so long. So happy for you that you found them. Loving the Back Porch blouse on you as well. Such an elegant topper to a streamlined look!

  2. yay- yellow shoes, and chies as well- these are gorgeous! I kinda have the Aldo equia's but they're a little too short for me and I think I'll have to sell them...

    I so love the back porch blouse with the colour peeking through! It really is so much nicer to see these things being worn in real life...

  3. The blouse looks great on you and the shoes are gorgeous indeed. I don't remember paying attention to them last year, but you certainly know how to wear them.

  4. Great shoes! I love them. I really like the pictures. Especially the first one. Looks like a great day even with the inconvenience of a little bad weather. And the food sounds so good & looks yummy! I am a total foodie. NC? I so want to go there :( Reminds me of that movie "Message in a Bottle" *Sigh*

  5. Molly - Thank you:)

    Thatdamngreendress - Gorgeous indeed. I love Chie Mihara:) I've seen those Also shoes - they are nice. Too bad they are too short. The back porch blouse is so pretty! It doesn't really look great on the website, but IRL, it is a winner.

    Sil - Thank you!

    Gabby - Thanks! The food was so good! We almost went back there today! Mmmmmmmm:) Yep, NC. That's where Ben and I are from. Parts of it (the mountains and the coast) are gorgeous!

  6. I couldn't breath for a minute after I saw the picture of your shoes...TO DIE FOR! And you rock them! =)

    Kristina J.

  7. That's some shoe awesomeness right there!! Love the outfit. I like the back porch blouse on you as well. That one is on my wish list. :)

    Sorry to hear about your crazy march weather. We have it here too. Saturday was nearly 80 and today we have a dusting of snow on the ground. Grrrr...

  8. I know what you mean about the crazy weather--same way here! Every morning it's cold and rainy and by the afternoon the sun is out! I love the Back Porch Blouse on you! I'm thinking of getting that instead of the Wispy Cirrus, might be more versatile.

    And fried cauliflower...mmmm...I think I know what I'm gonna attempt to make this week!

  9. The back porch blouse! Ahh I do love it. I really like how you styled it, those shoes are killer.

    The food looks fantastic as well!

  10. Soooo envious, those shoes are amazing! :) And I love this outfit as well. Honestly I was never a big fan of the Back Porch blouse up until this very moment -- I only thought of pairing it with a nude or cream tank top underneath for concealment purposes, but how awesome does it look with a colored shirt underneath?!! So amazing. What a great styling idea Kristin :)

  11. Your dinner sounds delish! I love those Chies (of course)! The gold foil tip really makes the shoe. :)

  12. Agreed, those shoes are gorgeous! I've never tried Chie's before, but I'm beginning to think I'm missing out on something great!!

  13. Look at youuuuu you looks awesome! This images are so cool.. totally loved the first one. I love that you werent centered either.. that makes it so much cooler!! All these shots are great and love how comfortable you look infront of the lens! You go girl!

  14. Kristina - Thanks! I feel so lucky to have found them on ebay!

    Betty Ray - Thank you! The Back Porch Blouse is great! I definitely recommend it, although I did have to size up. Ugh, March weather is so frustrating!

    Terrie - Yes, it is crazy! I have a heard time getting dressed in the morning because who knows what kind of weather conditions will pop up throughout the day! I definitely agree that the Back Porch Blouse is more versatile than the Wispy Cirrus (although I haven't had a chance to actually try on the Wispy Cirrus yet). Let me know how your cauliflower turns out!

    Minnesota Maven - Thanks! I'm all about good food and this place definitely has it!

    Goldenmeans - Thank you! I was so excited to win these shoes on ebay! Best ebay purchase ever:) The Back Porch Blouse is wonderful. It would look great with any color underneath. I'm also looking forward to wearing it open, as a cardigan.

    Loraine - Thanks! I just love the gold tip and heel!

    Kelly - Thank you! Yes, you should definitely check out some Chie's! Pedshoes.com is a great place to start.

    Midory - Thank you! I don't usually feel comfortable in front of the lens, but I'm glad it looks like it do:) Ben yells things out like, "angles" or "dead arm". I don't really know what to do so I just keep moving until he tells me to stop!!! He composes shots really well, so it pays to listen to him (sometimes). We are both having fun learning how to take better photos!

  15. YUM. About the food and the shoes. Those yellow babies are delicious.

    I miss that Portland rain...it's so dry here and full of allergens...makes me nerdy.

  16. Those shoes are so gorgeous! That shade of yellow-gold on the toe and heel is amazing. I especially love the last picture of you wearing them, it's a really neat perspective. All of the photography on your blog is so fun to look at.

  17. Those Chies are so awesome! I love that brand. So comfortable but sadly so pricey. I envy your ebay luck with them! That blouse is very pretty and the backdrop for the photos is beautiful.

  18. OMG, so jealous that you have the foil-wrapped heels! They look great. One day I will have the budget (or good fortune) to own a pair of Chies. I adored the gray/red ones from 2009ish with the roses on the toe. Love the view in your first photo!

  19. Trophyboutique - Thanks! There are definitely some great things about the rain (GREEN), but around this time of year I start to get sick of it. I do appreciate it though!

    Mich - Thank you! We have really been trying take better photos, so thanks for noticing:)

    Jess - Thanks! I love the brand too. I love going to the Chie Mihara website and drooling over all of the gorgeous shoes.

    Katie - Thank you! They are definitely pricey, but sometimes patience pays off! I've heard of people getting really good deals on Chie's at places like Nordstom rack. I look every time I am close by, but have never seen any in my size:(

  20. I adore this entire look, from the lacey top to the inCREDible shoes! You look fabulous.

  21. hahahahhahaha "dead arms" that is hillarious!!!!! What the hell does "dead arms" mean?!? Yeah seriously my boyfriend and yours is in the same boat... If only you saw my horrible poses its bad... but you are really doing a great job!

  22. oh my gosh, I LOVE this entire outfit- the yellow under the Back Porch Blouse is so pretty and flattering. I didn't realize a layered color would peek through as much as it does. This top is now 100% more versatile than I originally thought. So cute!

  23. I love the blouse! It's so elegant. I really must buy it!

    Complex Cardigans

  24. Hi Midory! Funny, right? You should hear him! He's gets so into it, but half the time I have no idea what he's even talking about!

    Spiffy - Thank you! Yes, colors do peek through quite a bit. I think it would be great with pretty much any color underneath. It is very versatile and seems to be made well.

    Jenn - Thanks! You will love it!

  25. That is a great outfit. I love the blouse and those heels!
    Have you tried tastyNsons for brunch? Seriously, everything is better with a poached egg :)