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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Here is outfit #2 featuring the Urban Outfitters pleated skirt (outfit #1 here). I am really loving this skirt right now! I think it is a great work option because it is professional (gray, good length, etc.), yet fun (yay for accordion pleats!).

I was at the office a bit late and when I got home it was pouring, so we are stuck with indoor shots again. Two of my beautiful pups decided to join the fun!

Top: Urban Outfitters
Cami: Banana Republic
Cardigan: J. Crew Jackie
Skirt: Urban Outfitters Pins and Needles Pleated Skirt (still $59.00 online here, but $19.99 in stores)
Tights: J. Crew
Shoes: Seychelles

I placed a sephora order last week and it arrived yesterday. Here are my new goodies:

Fresh Sugarbath Lychee Body Lotion

The is my favorite body lotion. It is light and non-greasy, yet very effective. The scent is amazing - not too heavy, just a hint of sweetness.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Duo

I was hesitant to order these because they seem a bit pricey, but I am so glad I did! They are wonderful. They leave my lips feeling seriously moisturized and so soft. They are not at all greasy like most other chapstick-like products. I put the non-tinted one on last night before bed and I wore the tinted one today under my lip gloss. I could tell a huge difference. I'm very happy with this purchase!

Fresh Sugar Lip Gloss

This product is great as well! I love the color. When I first opened it, I thought that is was going to be way too dark. However, once applied, it is quite a bit lighter than it appears in the tube. It is a lot more fluid than other lip glosses I have tried, and not at all sticky. It is the perfect amount of color (for me), shiny, and beautiful.

Obviously, I am a huge fan of Fresh products. Everything that I have tried seems luxurious, yet simple. Effective, but not overdone. You can read more about the brand here. What products are you loving right now?


  1. Hi Kristin :) I really like your skirt. They Belt, Shoes Cardigan look great together, Also your rug matches too. I lobe the pics of your pup next to you.Looks so sweet. Handing you the high 5! I'm glad you loved your purchases. I am doing a Home remodel and didn't go anywhere. We bought a more modern door and are in the process of finishing tomorrow. Have a splinter in my finger and now it hurts :( I'm taking pics of the door, Am probably going to feature it In the blog when we are done. You look great and I love when you feature your doggies. They are ADORABLE!! Have a Great Evening.

  2. I love that outfit! I understand why you love that skirt, it seems like it would be a super versatile piece. I really like those shoes and the little belt you paired it with!

    Your pups are so cute and super happy to see you! I love that pic with the pup peeking out behind your legs!

    Right now I'm LOVING Laura Mercier products, I have the concealer, moisturizing tinted cream, and skin repairing serum. I love it! I've never tried fresh products but I'm heading to sephora on Thursday so I may check em out!

  3. I went to the states last year and bought the Fresh Black Tea Eye cream. I ran out a few months ago and have not yet replaced it! next time i visit, i will have to stock up.
    These pictures of you with your pups are really cute. Nice skirt too - good quality pleated skirts are hard to find.

  4. Hi Gabby! Thank you:) Aren't my pups so sweet? I love coming home after work because they are all so excited and they greet me with lots of kisses! Your remodel sounds exciting. Definitely show us your new door! We are doing some upgrades to our house too. Hope you fingers feels better!

    Minnesota Maven - Thanks! It is definitely a versatile piece. Isn't Talus the cutest thing ever, peeking out from behind me? I will definitely check out Laura Mercier. Thanks for the recommendation! Have a blast at Sephora!

    Vintageglammz - Thanks:) I haven't tried the Black Tea eye cream yet, but it looks like a great product! I will have to try it when I run out of my current eye cream.

  5. oooh those pleats are fabulous and I think your doggie likes them too. I also love the Fresh chapstick, and cringe at the price a little, but so worth it for the texture and staying power....

  6. Your outfit matches your room so well! All those pretty grays and purples. I really like your skirt, but is it tough keeping the pleats in shape? I tried the Fresh Sugar lip treatment a couple of years ago and loved it, but it's so expensive! It's hard to pay that much for lip balm.

  7. hey! surfed through from the respect the shoes reader's feature. i love this skirt & love your style :)

  8. TrophyBoutique - Thanks! I cringed a bit at the price too. I'm curious to see how long they last. So far, I'm happy with the purchase!

    Mich - Thanks! So far, the pleats have stayed in place perfectly! I wore the skirt all day at work yesterday, and I didn't have any problems.

    Chantilly - Thank you! I'm so glad you stopped by:)

  9. Aww look at that cute doggie! So happy to have mommy back. I'm totally loving that skirt and I've seen it on several bloggers now. Me jealous!

  10. You look a-a-a-a-mazing! Love, love, love your skirt and tights and shoes and, and, and....oh, well, you get the picture! =)
    Kristina J.

  11. This is definitely a work-appropriate outfit that is fun as well. I really like the burgundy/dark red mixed with the soft gray. It's a lovely look. Hope the rain lets up soon!

  12. aww, cute doggies. i missed out on those shoes in fuchsia, but i ended up finding a pair in brown.

  13. This is such a versatile skirt and great piece for work! Did you see the Norstrom catelog for this month, there was a pleated skirt Pg 7 very similar to this one. Thought you might be interested in checking out.

    P.S That ring of hair around your pup's neck is so funny. Did you groom him that way or he is born with it?

  14. Cindi - Thanks! I love coming home to my sweet fur babies!

    Kristina - Thank you so much!

    Jamie - Thanks! It's sometimes a struggle for me to find work appropriate, fun outfits that I actually like. A lot of my work outfits are dark and boring, but I am working on correcting that!

    Tasty moog - Thanks:) Aren't these shoes fun? I love the T-strap and the tiny little peep toe!

  15. Hi Inkmark! I did not see the Nordstrom catalog, but I will definitely check it out! Thanks so much for the tip:) Kya's hair is not groomed that way (in fact, she has never had a hair cut) - I think it's just a weird angle or something? She's getting little fat rolls as she gets older, so maybe that's it? Funny!

  16. I saw Kim of Anthroholic wearing this skirt. Are you fairly tall? I have the idea in my head that accordion pleats only work for those above 5' 6". I'm attracted to color, and between you and Kim you have proven the versatility easily.

    Love pets is OOTD's. The pup behind you is a poser. Before you know it you will find surprising images of them looking at you adoringling. And the set-up is so perfect that you will start to think they are intentionally moving the camera to capture their admiration of you. Ha-Ha!

    I hope your rain stops soon. I love your out and about Portland photos.

  17. You have reignited my desire for an accordion pleated skirt! It looks so cute on you! And I love your pup!

  18. Laura - Yes, I am tall. I'm about 5'9". I think pleats would look great on you! I have also seen the skirt on Sara (from You, Me & Anthropologie) and I think she is shorter (although I'm not positive). You should give it a try though! Thanks - I love showing off my pups! If they are anything like you kitty, they may just do that! I just tried to get some outside shots - we had about 3 minutes to work with until the rain started coming down. Spring will be here soon (I hope)!

    Jess - Thanks! I love accordion pleats. Can't wait to see what you find!

  19. What a pretty pretty outfit! I love the the pairing of plum and gray together. And ahhh, Fresh products. They are addictive :) I have both the Sugar lip treatment and the lip gloss and love them!

  20. Hi Anjali! Thank you! This is one of my favorite color combos right now! Yes, Fresh products are addictive! I have not been disappointed with any of their products so far.