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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Straight Lines

Since we have company in town, we decided to take a short day trip to Silverton, OR on Sunday. We visited the Gordon House, which is the only Frank Lloyd Wright house in Oregon. We got to take a tour of the home and learn about its design/construction. If you aren't familiar with Frank Lloyd Wright, you should check out the link above and also peek at some of his beautiful homes here (I think his most famous design is this one). The Gordon Home is part of Wright's Usonian series, which I think is a very interesting/efficient/smart concept. From Wikipedia: "The "Usonian Homes" were typically small, single-story dwellings without a garage or much storage, L-shaped to fit around a garden terrace on odd (and cheap) lots, with native materials, flat roofs and large cantilevered overhangs for passive solar heating and natural cooling, natural lighting with clerestory windows, and radiant - floor heating. A strong visual connection between the interior and exterior spaces is an important characteristic of all Usonian homes". It was built on a very tight budget for working-class consumers.

Anyways, we all enjoyed touring the home and learning about all of the design features (lots of huge windows, and straight lines that extend all the way outside, making the space feel much bigger than it is, a very small entry way, which makes the actual living space seem much larger/grander, etc.). It is a really beautiful space. The tour was pretty casual, so Ben and I were able to take some OOTD shots while we were there (fun!).

Tee: J. Crew
Jacket: Anthropologie Blustery Days Dress Jacket
Jeans: Joe's via Anthropologie
Socks: Sock Dreams
Shoes: Dansko

I'm off to spend some time with my dogs, do some laundry, and dig into a huge piece of red velvet cake!


  1. I live in Tucson so one day my husband, who is an architect, and I took up a trip up to north Scottsdale to visit Taliesin West. It was beautiful. I had no idea he had a house in Oregon. I will have to remember that if we ever make it to your state!

  2. Hi Kristin :) That is so cool. I love his designs. His homes are amazing pieces of art. The had a documentary on him on the HGTV channel. You are truly lucky to have been in one of his signature homes. They are priceless. I love the pictures and your outfit totally goes with the natural colors of the home. Thank You for sharing you amazing day. I'm doing laundry and sitting with my pups! Watching TV. Goodnight <3

  3. Wow you're so lucky you got to tour the FLW house. I've been wanting to go for the longest time. Thanks for sharing and you look great inside the house too!

  4. Oh wow, that looks like so much fun! I love your jacket too :)

  5. Oh I love your jacket. The tour looked like such fun. My brother is an architect and in love with anything FLW. I will have to pass on your pics. :)

  6. beautiful house. i visited the zimmerman house in new hampshire year ago, it was amazing. most homes are too big and wasteful these days, imo.

  7. My hubby and I are HUGE Frank Lloyd Wright fans. We have visited quite a few, including Fallingwater. We LOVED Taliesin West, though, so if you ever get out to AZ, definitely check that one out. Here is the irony, though...we live mere minutes from the Pope-Leighey house here in NOVA and have never gone. Pretty bad on our part. LOL.

    We decided to buy the home we are in because the lines of the house were "Wright" inspired, low slung roof, large windows everywhere taking in the forest around the property and no wasted space (agree with tastymoog on that one, those grand entrances with no real purpose bug me). From what I understand Portland has a ton of great mid-Century modern homes, which are evocative of Wright in some sense. Do you live in one of those??? You seem that you would be one that would "get it." :) I have people who still marvel that we went back to our "pink" bathroom instead of keeping it white (previous owners had glazed over the pink to make the property more marketable, which cracks us up).

    Great post!

  8. That's amazing you were able to take your outfit photos in such a great work of architecture. It looks like you practically had the place to yourselves for the tour!

  9. Lovely photos of you in a Wright house. It feels like you planned your outfit around the home. A little Frank Lloyd Wright Ispiration perhaps? Ha-ha! Your post sparked a search. I found a Wright home right here in Bakersfield Ca. But it's not open to the public. Built in 1961. It took 4 years to plan and complete. It's on a Golf Course. The name is Dr. George Ablin House. I think I will check it out. Maybe an OOTD in front of it.

  10. Hi Jacquelyn! The taliesin west looks beautiful! I love the water out front.

    Gabby - Thanks! I would love to see that documentary. I will try to find it!

    Cindi - Thanks:) It was worth the trip (it took us about an hour to get there). Maybe you could do a day trip to Portland/Silverton? That would be a fun trip:)

    Mommyblogger - Thank you!

    Betty Ray - Thanks! Yes, definitely pass the pictures along. I have a few others that aren't OOTD shots:) Let me know if you want me to email them to you.

    Tasty Moog - The Zimmerman house looks beautiful as well! I absolutely agree with you about most homes being too big/wasteful.

    Dina - Oh, I can't believe you got to visit Fallingwater! How exciting! It looks so beautiful. My house was built in the 1920's and is quite small, but it suits our needs just fine! I totally agree with you and tastymoog about wasted space. Something I really enjoyed on the tour was seeing how every space was useful in some way (like the built-in couch which had storage sections under every cushion). So effecient and smart! I bet your pink bathroom is lovely:)

    Kelly - Yes! It was really laid-back. There were other people there, but Ben and I just broke away from the croud a few times to take the shots and we also stayed for a few minutes after the tour was over.

    Laura - Thank you! Although I didn't plan my outfit around the house, it did seem to work out really well:) I think a lot of his homes are still actually lived-in (how cool would that be?). If you could get close enough, OOTD shots in front of the house would be awesome! Since it's on a golf course, I bet the whole area is pretty.

  11. I love it! I'm such a fan of Mr. Wright. There are actually several buildings by him in my state, one in the city right next door. I've visited several because of my obsession and also my boyfriend is educated as an architect, although he has decided to pursue other careers. That outfit is fantastic as well, I love that jacket!
    Enjoy the velvet cake and puppy time!

  12. What a great opportunity! You're so well-coordinated with his colour-palette in that great tunic too...

  13. Oh, the jacket...lovely on you.

    Also, I love that home. Gorgeous pictures!

  14. You know, I always have mixed feelings about FLW. I'm an architect and I feel like I should by default love him, but I always find myself less than impressed by his designs. Well, I'm going to stop now before I launch into some disseration about him :o) On a lighter note, I love your jacket!

  15. gorgeous house. the pictures are beautiful and I really love your structured jacket. the color, the cut, THE BUTTONS-- i love it all!

  16. Beautiful photos! And the clean lines of your outfit is a perfect accompaniment!

  17. Minnesota Maven - Thanks! So cool that you have been able to visit several of his buildings. Which one is your favorite? The velvet cake (and the puppy time) was fantastic!

    Thatdamngreendress - Thank you! Funny how my outfit coordinated with the house. It was not planned, but I'll take it:)

    Thirteenlbs - Thanks:)

    Ana - Thanks! The jacket is one of my favorite pieces. Don't worry - all opinions are welcome here:) His style is pretty unique and definitely not appealing to everyone.

    Laura - Thank you! The buttons are great, aren't they?

    Lisa - Thank you!

  18. I love Frank Lloyd Wright! I live in Pittsburgh so there are a number of houses he designed nearby. That house is beautiful and you fit right into it. I love the outfit you chose! The one thing I've learned about modern architecture and straight lines is that I am a little too clumsy to live in them. I was at a hotel this week and it was very modern and contemporary which was lovely to look at, but I left with a bunch of bruises from all my sharp edged blunders. haha

  19. Hi Jess! Thank you! Very true - I hope your bruises heal quickly:)