"It was the oldest sound in the world. Souls flying away." The Secret Life of Bees

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Botanical Bird

I want to let you all know that my favorite etsy jewelry shop, botanical bird, is doing a giveaway! Check it out here.

I have lots of pieces from botanical bird, as many of you have seen here on the blog, and a love every one of them.

Go enter the giveaway!!!!!!

Shoe Love

I am drooling over the fall/winter line from Chie Mihara. I want every single pair:)

Here are a few of my favorites:




The darrer's are available at ped shoes (here), along with some of the other new arrivals. As for the 3 other pairs in this post, I haven't seen them on any of the US sites yet (if you have, let me know!).

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I had intentions of making strawberry/rhubarb jam last weekend. I went to the farmers market to pick up the ingredients, but when I saw these marionberries, I quickly changed my mind. I couldn't pass these beauties up, so I ended up making marionberry jam instead! Marionberries are a blackberry/raspberry hybrid that were developed here in Oregon. They are mostly sweet, with just a bit of tartness. Perfect for jam!

I picked a hot day for jam making, and even though my kitchen felt like it was 800 degrees by the time I was done, it was worth it! The jam is delicious!

In addition to jam making, my weekend also included a wonderful yoga/acupuncture workshop (PERFECT way to start the weekend), lots of laundry/errands, picking up our new couch (new to us, anyways), and a beautiful kayaking trip! By the end of the weekend, I was pooped! Monday was especially unpleasant. After a few quiet nights, I feel rested and ready for next weekend! Do you have any fun plans for the upcoming weekend?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Muddy hike

Last Sunday, I went on a hike with Ben and one of our friends. We hiked the Cascade Head trail in the Nature Conservancy (which is on the coast of Oregon). It was an absolutely beautiful hike. As you can see, it was quite muddy, but it was worth it!

My favorite shot of the day. This makes me so happy:)

Even though I ended up falling on my ass trying to hike through the mud (seriously!), I had a wonderful time. The fog rolling in and out made everything so ethereal.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I spent the first part of my day touring the Audobon society grounds with my "little sister" (through Big Brothers/Big Sisters). We saw lots of wildlife and had a great time:) We got to see 2 different owls that stay there (they aren't able to be released back into the wild for various reasons). They were gorgeous! I think it's so neat (and a little scary) that they can turn their head 3/4 of the way around.

Tonight, Ben and I went out to dinner with friends and then we went out to a movie. Dinner at Ken's Artisan Pizza was delicious and of course the company was wonderful!

Here's what I wore:

This ring is one of the pieces I picked up from Botanical Bird last weekend at the street fair. I love it and I think the white color is perfect for summer.

Dress: Anthropologie Verdant Slip Dress
Cardigan: J. Crew Jackie
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Seychelles
Ring: Botanical Bird

Thursday, July 14, 2011

San Diego

I spent most of the week in San Diego for work. It was beautiful! Although I did have to work quite a bit, as you can see below, I was able to find a little bit of time for fun:) The Grand Del Mar hotel was absolutely wonderful.

I am having lots of fun with the instagram app on my iphone (thanks for the tips in my last post!). If you have instagram, add me! My username is kristin_fm.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lace Cottage

Hello lovely ladies! How is your weekend going? So far, mine has been great. My day included sleeping in, a street fair, ice cream, and a beautiful sunset:) I went with a friend to the Mississippi street fair this afternoon. It was hot and crowded, but we had lots of fun! I got some of my favorite caramel corn and also got to visit the botanical bird booth. As I've mentioned before, botanical bird is one of my most favorite etsy shops. I was so happy to meet Cyd, the owner, today and see all of her beautiful pieces IRL. I will show off my new jewelry soon:)

This outfit is actually from last weekend. Unfortunately, I was sick for pretty much all of the holiday weekend, but I did manage to get up and get dressed on the 4th. We went out to lunch and then to a BBQ later that night.

Top: J. Crew
Skirt J. Crew Lace Cottage Skirt
Shoes: Indigo by Clarks
Belt: Anthropologie
Bag: Anthropologie
Necklace: Forever21

I finally decided that the technology in my life needed to be updated, and I purchased my very first (crazy, right?) iphone. I LOVE IT!!! It is so much better than my 3 year old blackberry:) What are the best apps? I would love to hear your favorites!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Bath Time!

Yesterday was bath day for Kya and Talus. Zander was spared, because a trip to the groomers is in his near future.

Kya absolutely HATES taking a bath, and she is not afraid to tell me all about it!

Poor thing! She acts like it's the end of the world.

Talus isn't happy about it, but he doesn't put up too much of a fight.

About 2 seconds after this, he was rolling in the grass and dirt. I think he hates to be clean!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Tandem Jump

Happy Friday! Hooray for long weekends! I am planning on catching up on laundry, books, and sleep over the next 3 days:)

When the Tandem Jump Blouse came out a couple of years ago, I had to have it. Although I adore the blouse, it unfortunately hasn't gotten much wear. I decided to change that today, so here it is.....

Top: Anthropologie Tandem Jump Blouse
Cardigan: J. Crew Jackie
Jeans: Pilcro via Anthropologie
Shoes: Gee Wawa Dream Oxfords

I picked these jeans up at anthropologie last week during my trip to Atlanta. They are the Pilcro Slit-Ankle crops. They fit well and are very comfy. I like the dark wash and the ankle slits are super cute.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!