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Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm freezing!

I'm not sure why my eyes are closed here. I wanted to use a different photo, but this was really one of the best ones. It was almost dark, so we didn't have a lot of light to work with. Ben said that it is actually a good photo and that I just look " very relaxed" (I'm not so sure).

It has been very cold around here for the past week or so. The day these photos were taken, it was especially cold and windy. This is my "I am seriously freezing, please take the picture, I don't know how much longer I can stand out here" face!

The back of the cardigan
Top: Anthropologie
Cardigan: Anthropologie
Jeans: Joe's via Anthropologie
Shoes: Dansko

Have you heard about the giveaway/challenge over at Little Girl Big Closet? Go check it out! I'm really excited because a) who doesn't get excited about anthropologie gift cards, and b) I really want to learn how to take better pictures. I have really enjoyed the tutorials Tara has posted and I am ready for the challenge:)

I have wanted to learn how to take better photos for quite some time (not only for the purposes of this blog, but just in general). I recently decided to buy my very first SLR camera. I have done a lot of research and shopping around, although I haven't made the purchase just yet (soon, very soon). My goal right now is to focus on the things Tara mentioned in her tutorials (lighting, background, editing, etc.), and to start making improvements in those areas. Once I get a decent camera, I can move on to the more complicated aspects of photography (here is a super helpful "DSLR 101" post from cindi, which I have bookmarked for future reference!). I am excited to learn something new and I hope to do a few posts on this topic to share my experiences.

I hope you all have a great Tuesday!


  1. I agree with Ben, the pic looks good! I really like that cardigan! Wearing bright colors always makes me feel like the day is a little better! I can't wait to see your new photos! I'm excited about her photo challenge, I think it will be fun to work on, although it's kinda our photographers that need to work on it...so I'm working on my photographer!

  2. First Off Sorry it's so cold. I personally am tired of it. I wish it would go away. And you do look cold. Ben is a sweetie for going out there with you. ( Give that man a hug) And I really like your cardigan. I lost one exactly like it on E bay :( But it is definitely very feminine. And the back is the best part. I too have been reading Tara's blog. But Since I don't show my face I can't enter. Good for you! I am looking forward to seeing what you enter <3

  3. Ick, I give all of you girls credit for taking your photos outside in the cold. I just cannot do it. This cardigan is lovely. I love the little surprise in the back. Pretty!!

  4. I'm scared of cameras, so I commend you for attempting this!

    I looove the orange on you here. Great cardigan!

  5. Okay, so I finally found your blog, and I love your style! We seem to share an affinity for bright colors and girliness, so of course I need to read more from you. *clicks 'Follow'*

    I really like this look. Coral is one of my favorite colors to wear, and that cardigan looks super comfortable!

  6. Oh, the weather has been very frustrating for pictures. This rain makes it too dark and difficult to take them outside. Grr.
    I love the pairing of the two tops. I guess by shopping a lot at the same store, it makes it easier to mix like colors, doesn't it?

    The Auspicious Life

  7. You do relaxed in the first pic, :-) you also look like you have a come hither expression and you're laying on your womanly charms on Ben. hee-hee, just teasing.
    And I'm excited to see your new photog skills. my hubby got a new toy not too long ago(slr camera) and he's more excited about Tara's challenge than I am. Photography is a lot of fun and I'm sure Ben will really get into it.

  8. Aww...thanks for the shout out, Kristin!!! I'm so glad you've decided to take this on. I've seen many girls show a huge interest in photography through their blogs and I'm sooo happy! Can't wait to talk about photos with everyone!

  9. Oh you're a brave gal to be going out into the cold at all without a coat! I am such a cold chicken!

    At least you look fantastic in your dwarf quince cardi!

  10. Minnesota Maven - Thanks! I love me some bright colors:) I know - our photographers have to be up for the challenge as well!
    So far, Ben seems pretty excited about it.

    Gabby - Thank you! I do love winter, but I am ready for spring too!

    Betty Ray - Thanks:) I usually don't mind being cold for a few minutes, but the day we took these pictures, it was just too cold. I could only stand it for about 30 seconds!

    Trophy Boutique - Thank you. I think it will be a fun learning experience! I don't own a lot of orange/red, but this cardigan was too pretty to pass up!

    Katie - Thanks for reading:) Yes, bright colors and girliness! I'm all about it!

    Hi Linda! The weather has definitely not been cooperating! I do tend to be matchy-matchy sometimes. I guess shopping a lot at the same store does help a bit, just because it's easy to envision items together.

    Lisa - hahaha! I'm not so sure that was the vibe he was getting:) I can't wait to get my slr! What kind does your hubby have? I can't wait to see what you guys come up with for the challenge!

    Cindi - Sure! It is exciting!

    Lisa (RST) - Thanks! I am not usually drawn to red/orange, but I have loved this cardi ever since it popped up on the website!

  11. I love this outfit! That top and cardi combo is beautiful!

  12. Ahh, the Dwarf Quince Cardi. It's so beautiful. I too have photography goals for this year and can't wait to start. I've got books on "finding the light" that I'm interested in and depth of field for sure. Our camera men taking the OOTD photos seriously deserve some props! Go Ben.

  13. Thanks Clara!

    Molly - Your books sound interesting. I think I may start with a class on the basics (once I get my new camera) and then go from there. Let me know if you come across any really great books for beginners. Yes, our photographers do deserve props, for sure!

  14. I want to venture into DSLR territory too. But the research and expense intimidate me, not to mention learning the equipment.

    I love that cardigan. The texture of its fabric is really something special... and the little details! Great reminder about why I gravitate to Anthro so often.

  15. Jesspgh - Thanks! Yes, the texture and details (like the shiny silver threads) are what make this cardigan special, for sure. Camera stuff can be pretty intimidating. I have spend quite a bit of time over the last few weeks researching/shopping around/talking to people about their cameras/etc. so, I feel pretty confident with the camera I am going to purchase. Learning how to use it is another story!