"It was the oldest sound in the world. Souls flying away." The Secret Life of Bees

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I spent the afternoon hanging out with Kaitlyn, my "little sister" through Big Brothers/Big Sisters. I have been volunteering with Big Brothers/Big Sisters for about two and a half years, and have been matched up with Kaitlyn the whole time. She is 10 and is very sweet, compassionate, and outgoing. We have started establishing traditions and making Valentine's day cupcakes is one of them!

I put off becoming a "big sister" for quite some time because I thought that it would be too time consuming. Since signing up 2 1/2 years ago, I have not regretted it once. I hang out with Kaitlyn 2 or 3 times a month for a couple of hours each time (very do-able, even with a busy schedule). It has been, and continues to be, a wonderful experience for both of us:)

Funny Kaitlyn story: A few months ago, I picked her up from her house. A little bit later, as we were driving to our destination, she exclaims, "Oh yeah, I have to show you something! You are going to LOVE IT"! She grabs her little pocket book, unzips it, and pulls out a hamster!


  1. That is great that you volunteer your time as a "big sister". Definitely a win-win experience for both of you! Those cupcakes look sooo yummy. :)

  2. Oh Kristin, That is so sweet that you do that. You are making a difference. Being a "Big Sister" That little girl is lucky to have someone like you in her life. You should be commended. You are a sweet girl.

  3. OMG yummy!!! Your lil sister will love those cupcakes. And will be very thankful I'm sure!

  4. Hi Kristin. What a fun day you had planned for your 'little sis", you are a big sis with a BIG HEART. <3