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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Boden love

I bought this skirt from Boden about 6 months ago and I LOVE it! It's the Autumn Printed skirt (not many colors/sizes left, unfortunately). I have worn it often and it has held up wonderfully. I wasn't sure about the fit as I was in between 2 sizes. I went with the larger size, and while I think it is a little bit loose, the smaller size would have probably been too small. I am really glad that I didn't order the long version because the regular is just right. The color is perfect - lavender really makes me happy right now:)

Here is my outfit from today (the skirt definitely shows some wrinkles after a long day, but that is to be expected, I think):

Cardigan: J. Crew (Jackie)
Cami: J. Crew
Necklace: Anthropologie
Skirt: Boden
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Dansko

Here is a close-up of the beautiful color/pattern:

If you haven't already, you should check out Dina's blog. She does a lot of Boden reviews and she even started a Boden 'buy and sell' post! Also, if you go to her blog and click on the Boden banner ad on the sidebar, you can get 15% off plus free shipping!

A couple of things I am loving from Boden right now - the Swishy Viscose Skirt (in Jade Abstract) and the Pleat Detail Wool Skirt (in Gray), which would be perfect for the office.

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!


  1. cute skirt!!! Don't you hate it when you're all wrinkley after a long day at work?? I sure do!

  2. Hi Kristen! Oh my, That is the prettiest print the subtle flowers/ blossoms depending on each persons perspective. I have Olive skin so certain colors don't look good on me:( But this is definitely a color for you.And your shoes look so cute too. The cardigan is adorable I am a sucker for J. Crew, They outdid themselves..I don't know if I will have the courage! Have you seen the new Catalog!! Biting my Nails. And as far as wrinkles I really don't see them. You look great!

  3. I've never shopped at Boden before, but I adore the purple hues on your skirt! And I like how you paired it with the lavender cardi. Lavender makes me happy too :)

  4. I've never bought anything from Boden before. I just drool over the catalogs. The new spring catalog has me really wishing for the entire book of looks! I love your skirt.

  5. Beautiful print on the skirt! I'll definitely be ordering from Boden again soon.

  6. Cindi - Thanks! Yes, wrinkles are evil:)

    Gabby - Thank you!!! I am a sucker for J. Crew as well:) The Jackie cardigans are a staple for me (as you can probably tell).

    Lisa - Thanks! At first, I thought it might be too much lavender, but I went with it anyways and ended up really liking it.

    Ms. mindless - Thank you! I have been very happy with this purchase and would like to place another order soon. Yes, the spring catalog is great!

    Kelly - Thanks! Can't wait to see what you get!

  7. I like the skirt! It looks great with your cardigan.