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Thursday, February 3, 2011

His breath was worse than his bite

Meet Talus! We adopted Talus from a humane society in NC about 7 years ago. He is the sweetest dog ever. He loves to snuggle, is super laid back, and gets along with everyone. Aside from his passion for running away (I'll save those stories for another day), he is pretty much perfect:)

Poor guy had to have surgery today to remove a broken tooth. We woke up early and took him to the vet. He was so excited to be there! He loves riding in the car and he thinks its so awesome to get to go to the vets office (I think he views it as doggy daycare or something - he gets to smell other animals and he gets lots of treats and attention).

The procedure took all day and I was so happy when it was time to pick him up! Here he is when we first got home. Soooooo groggy, but trying to stay awake as to not miss any action.

This is what I wore today. I love green and navy together!

Top: Anthropologie
Cardigan: J. Crew (Jackie, of course)
Skirt: Anthropologie
Tights: J. Crew
Shoes: Dansko

Lastly, this is the only item I picked up from the sale yesterday. These are the Joe's Ponte Skinny Visionaire pants. They are now on second cut for $39.95 (down from $138). They are no longer on the website for some reason, but all sizes are showing as available on my wishlist (web style #18619494, retail sku #18620518).


  1. Cute! I also love navy and green together. Almost wore that combo today actually but decided on the gray and green instead. :) Your doggie is just adorable. I hope he gets a good night's sleep!

  2. Wow! You were busy, Poor little guy.Hope he feels better. And you look so cute with the green & blue.I love Green. I saw that skirt at Anthropologie but in the yellow. Blue one looks awesome. I really liked it. And I heard another blogger rave about those pants. Are they comfy? They look really nice. And the Price Nice! I NEVER get that lucky here. But I am happy that you did. I am looking forward to the outfit you put together. Tell Your Puppy Talus, We said Hi :)

  3. Thanks for the heads-up on the Joe's pants! My favorite pair of jeans in the world is a Joe's pair. I SO wish I could justify another pair of pants, but such a thing is impossible at the moment.

    I LOVE the green + blue combo!! I tried something similar but with a blue printed dress. I may re-attempt with a solid blue like you've done here. Looks great!

    Cute dog! Glad that mean tooth is gone and that he's okay.

  4. Poor Talus. Hope he is feeling better. How did he break his tooth?
    Green and blue - ahhh, I am a fan of that combo! Love how you paired your outfit with the grey snakebite belt. (green, navy and grey all work in tandem) I have that belt in brown and it goes with so many outfits.

  5. Cindi - Thanks! Talus zonked out early and slept all night!

    Gabby - Thanks! Green is one of my favorite colors. I'm not sure about the comfort of the pants as they haven't arrived yet (they may get here tomorrow!). I will let you know:)

    JG - Same here. Joe's is my favorite brand of jeans. They fit me better than any other brand. Thanks! I'm glad the tooth is gone as well - it was getting really gross.

    Lisa - Talus is doing really well! I'm not sure how he broke it (probably chewing on a bone or a toy of some kind). I didn't even know it was broken until we took him to the vet for his regular check up, and she noticed it. He was eating normally and didn't seem to have any discomfort, but she said it was looking nasty and needed to come out ASAP. I'm glad it's taken care of. Thanks! I love the snakebite! I have the brown too:)

  6. Talus is just too cute!!!

    I like the navy and green outfit. I think that may be one of my favorite color combos!!!

  7. Aw, poor Talus for having teeth problems - but I guess it is alright if he loves the vet! My Pacey has only been to the vet twice and the folks there are super-nice, but she is super-scared!

  8. Thanks, Kelly! Yes, it's definitely one of my favorite combos as well!

    Lisa - I know how it is. Talus LOVES going to the vet, Kys doesn't really care either way, and Zander absolutely hates it. Every time Zander has to go, its like we are torturing him or something. It doesn't matter how sweet they are or how many treats they give him, he still hates it.

  9. Gabby - I received the pants today and they are super comfy and cute! They are still available if you are in the market for black pants:) Hope you are having a great weekend!

  10. Wow, this outfit is lovely Kristin. Love the bold green and navy together :) And Talus looks like a total sweetheart! So cute. I'm glad his tooth removal procedure went well and that he got to "enjoy" his visit to the vet's office :)

  11. Thanks so much Anjali! Talus is a sweetie, most of the time:) He is doing really well and recovering nicely.