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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Celebrations:)

Ben and I celebrated Valentine's day on Sunday. We went out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Torro Bravo. We both ordered the tasting menu, so we got a nice variety and we got to try things we normally would not have ordered. We love trying new food, so it was perfect! We had so much fun!

This is what I wore (not the best picture, I could have at least smiled!):

Dress: Anthropologie (purchased about 3 years ago, made by Deletta. It is the perfect LBD!)
Tights: Hue
Shoes: All Black

I carried the Hobo International "Libby" bag:

This is the cutest little thing ever, but it does not hold a lot. For me, it's perfect for going out because I don't like to take a lot with me. I adore the chain and the closure and I like that it can be worn cross-body.

Last night, we had a relaxing night at home. Ben is a really good cook and he enjoys cooking, so probably 85% of our dinners are made by him, including last nights dinner. We had an amazing goat cheese/spinach/carrot/current salad. I saw this post on Farmer Jo's blog and I knew that we needed to try it! Yum! The goat cheese toppers turned out really well.

Isn't Ben a sweetie? Just look at these heart shaped, onion and leek tarts! Mmmmmmm!

And for desert, made from scratch chocolate souffle, with homemade whipped cream!


  1. I love your going out to dinner outfit. What a cute LBD (love Deletta) and the red shoes add such a nice pop of color! And those tarts look absolutely amazing. :)

  2. Aww Ben is a sweet heart! Cause he made sweet and savory hearts! :) I'd love to have been there tasting those onion and leak hearts. MMM!

  3. Can I come over for dinner? That all looks amazing! I love deletta as well, and this dress doesn't disappoint! I really like how you paired it with red shoes! Ben sounds like a keeper!

  4. That is indeed the perfect LBD and those tights are killa! I love em. It completes your whole outfit. And I checked out Farmer Jo's recipe. Fried goat cheese? Ohhhhh sounds yummy. I'm gonna try it one of these days.

  5. Do you have a recipe for those tarts? I'm a sucker for savory items and anything with a puff or pastry crust!

    Glad you and your sweetie had a good weekend!

  6. Made from scratch chocolate souffle? Now, that's true love!



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  7. Loraine - Thanks:) Deletta is one of my favorites! The tarts tasted as good as the looked!

    Cindi - They were sooooo good (and yes, he is a sweet heart:)!

    Minnesota Maven - You are welcome anytime:) This is one of my favorite dresses ever. Thanks!

    Lisa - Thank you! I picked up the tights last month and I have been wanting to wear them. This seemed like the perfect occasion:) Yes, you've got to try the goat cheese (mmmmmmmmm)!

    Lisa (RTS) - Thanks! I will ask Ben about the recipe and send you an email.

    20 York Street - True love, indeed!

  8. Yum! It looks delicious. Love your bag, it's so dainty. Lucky you. Looks like you had the perfect Valentines day. <3 you look great in your outfit. Love all your books :)

  9. Thanks, Gabby! It tasted as good as it looks:)

  10. Love the dress!! Ben's dinner looks delicious, too. Good work, Ben!

  11. I love your outfit! I have a thing for colored shoes so I love that you gave your outfit that pop of color!

  12. Thanks, Clara! I have a thing for colored shoes too!

  13. I love the LBD, Toro Bravo, that dinner your man cooked up and the recipe shout out! Thanks! :)

  14. Farmer Jo - Thanks! I think we are going to attempt the goat cheese toppers again (and by "we", I mean Ben). The first time around they were a little bit too flat (so they weren't as gooey as they should have been - still delicious though). Hope you have a great weekend!

  15. Oh my god I love everything about your outfit! You look great! Love the stockings with that dress... And I want that purse asap! It looks like guys had a wonderful v day...

  16. Thanks, Midory! It was a wonderful day:) The purse has been very handy and I love the look of it!