"It was the oldest sound in the world. Souls flying away." The Secret Life of Bees

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Happy weekend ladies! I had another long week at work. After being sick last weekend and then going in early and staying late at work pretty much every day this week, I was so ready for the weekend. I enjoyed sleeping in today, lazing around all morning browsing the internet, and lots of chai tea:) I have a much-needed massage scheduled for tomorrow morning then I think I will make my way to a yoga class. Do you have any other stress-relieving/relaxation suggestions for me?

This is the casual/comfy outfit I wore today. I suppose I was feeling very purple today!

Top: J. Crew
Pants: Pilcro cords via Anthropologie
Shoes: Seychelles
Bracelet: Anthropologie Astrological Maps bracelet

I also want to share my new favorite beauty product with you, Origins liquid lip color. This stuff is wonderful! I ordered it as a ride along (to get free shipping) and I love it. It is not at all sticky, the color is vibrant (but not shiny/sparkly), and it has a nice minty smell.