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Sunday, August 21, 2011

More purple

This is another outfit from this past week inspired by my new purple nail polish (OPI's "honk if you love OPI").

Top: J. Crew
Cardigan: J. Crew Jackie
Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Dansko

I recently purchased a Fujifilm Instax 210 instant camera. I am loving it! It is so cool to watch the pictures develop:) I had to laugh at the size of it when it arrived - doesn't it look like a cartoon or something? Other than the size (which is really not much of a problem), I have no complaints whatsoever. The color of the prints is fantastic, it's easy to use, and it's the funnest thing ever!

I hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. Purple and gray are such a great pairing. I love the picture of you watering the plants. The greens and the way the light hits you is gorgeous.

  2. I love purple with gray too. Your top is so cute!
    Man, i thought i was the only one into polaroid-type cameras! I used to have one of those polaroid izone cameras. I thought they were so cool! I loved watching pictures develop on the film

  3. Great outfit Kristin, love the details on the blouse and the ladylike pleats of the skirt.

  4. Haha that IS pretty hilarious but I like the size polaroids it produces!

  5. Oh my, I WANTS that camera! I have a secret love for oversized anythings, and that looks like something I would have so much fun with!

    Your purpletastic top is lovely. It looks so great with that skirt! I'm a fan of the color. I can't believe it's from UO!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  6. I love the gray skirt with the purple top. I just got a purple blouse the other day and am definitely going to try this pairing - you look fab.

    Also, about the Plucky Maidens Junk Fest, they are going to have a few more in the next few months (one at Kennedy, I think?). Here is the link for them if you want: http://www.pluckymaidens.blogspot.com/

  7. I don't know if you've ever been to Disney World, but they have these little model houses that "belong" to Minnie and Mickey. All the stuff inside the house is oversized and bubbly, and I think that camera would fit in perfectly! Also, I love your outfit. The subtle dots on the blouse are so pretty.

  8. love purple and grey together and I love the polka dots on your top! Cool camera too. :)

  9. The first photo is amazing with the bee in the foreground. I have an old polaroid. Can you get film for those? I think it is very expensive.

    Should I just drop Anthro for Fall/Winter and get up to speed with J Crew? I'm not sure how to make J Crew work for me. I tried with one dress and the fit and cut was off for me. You certainly have a handle on it. I think the problem is I have never actually stepped into a J Crew Store.

  10. such a cute top. that pleated skirt looks really great on you. i love polaroid cameras! they are so much fun. we had one at one of my prev jobs and i used it all the time!

  11. That top and skirt ensemble look lovely on you, Kristin! I'm excited for J.Crew to make its way to my Canadian city (soon!). I'd like a Jackie cardigan of my very own. Especially when I see it looking so snazzy on you. (:

    p.s. Nifty new camera! Were the first few shots taken with it?

  12. Seriously, that camera is HUGE! I love it. I'm in the market for an instapix as well. Just worry about the cost of film, cause I know I'll go hog wild taking pics. I love your polka dot blouse, especially with those gorgeous pleats in the skirt.

  13. I am sure I've asked this before and in my advanced old age, I can't remember - but what type of camera and lens do you normally use for your outfit photos?

  14. Jenn - Thank you! It's one of my favorite color combos.

    Vintageglammz- Thanks:) I love watching the film develop! It is magical. I would love to pick up an old Polaroid. I know the film is super expensive now, but it would be fun to have one around.

    Dea - Thank you!

    Chaucee - I know, I laugh every time I see someone hold it up! It looks so funny, but you're right - the end product is worth looking a little goofy.

    Laura - It is so much fun! I have to stop myself from taking a ton of pictures (the film is pretty pricey). This skirt is one of 2 items I own from UO. I don't usually find much there, but this was a winner (and I got it on sale for $20!).

    Gracey - Thanks:) I am looking forward to seeing you rock your new top! Also, thanks for the info. Kennedy school is close by, so I will look into it.

    Mich - Haha, that's funny! It does sound like it would fit right in. I have been to DW, but it's been a long time, so I don't remember much.

    Jessica - Thanks!

    Laura - Thank you! You will love the post I just put up too:) Yes, I looked into getting an older poloroid, but the film is very expensive. It is not being produced anymore, so what's left of it is being sold on ebay for crazy prices. I wouldn't give up on anthro, but you should definitely check out more from J. crew. There are a lot of J. crew blogs that could help with reviews/sizing info, plus they almost always have free shipping promos.

    J'aime - Thanks!

    Dajana- Thank you:) You are going to love J. Crew! You will definitely have to get a Jackie. How exciting! No, all of these shots were taken with my DSLR.

    Molly- Thanks! It is gigantic, right? I read the reviews for the camera which talked about it's size, but I was still shocked when I pulled it out of the box! The film is expensive. I definitely have to give myself a limit, otherwise I would be taking a ton of pictures with it.

    Hi Lisa! I have a Nikon D3100 and the kit lens that came with it. I will be in the market for new lenses very soon.

  15. Your top is so pretty and the outfit is adorable. That camera sounds neat!