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Monday, August 15, 2011

Dress Code

This is what I wore to work today. I don't show a lot of my work outfits because I think they are somewhat boring. My company has a very strict/weird dress code that does not allow for a lot of creativity, unfortunately. Putting together unique work outfits that I like, but that are still appropriate for my office is one of the biggest style challenge I have. Boooooo to corporate/business dress code!!!

I did end up liking my outfit today. J. Crew has such fabulous colors. I chose this outfit based on my new nail polish.

Top: J. Crew
Cardigan: J. Crew Jackie
Skirt: Anthropologie
Shoes: Dansko

I picked up OPI's "Honk if you love OPI" a few days ago. It is a gorgeous deep purple/grape color.


  1. Well at least you're allowed to play with colors. I really liked the way this outfit came together. It's a perfect palette for fall. And I love that shade of nail polish! If you see my nails dark in the coming weeks, you'll know it was because of your photos.

  2. This is a cute work outfit! I love all the colors that you've used! Not boring at all :) than nail color is beautiful! I love dark purple on my nails!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  3. Kristin, you look adorable and totally office-friendly! I love the pop of color from the cardigan, making me think about what other colors I'd like a Jackie Cardigan in!

  4. Love these colors together! Very professional, very fun & chic.

  5. Oh, I love these colors together. That cardigan is just perfect with the darker blouse and skirt.

  6. I love the color combo of this outfit! I always have a hard time finding work appropriate outfits, too. My office dress code isn't too corporate or strict, but I struggle to find the time (or energy) to be creative with my outfits in the morning!!!

  7. Oh wow, I love all those colors together!! Perfect for the upcoming fall season :)

  8. Fabulous work outfit. I love the colour combo and the textures. I hardly post my work outfits too. They are super boring most of the time!

  9. Jenn - Yes, that's true. I do love to play with colors and thankfully I can do that at my office (although the employee handbook does suggest "neutral colors such as black, gray, and brown"). Ha!

    Laura - Thanks! Dark purple is one of my favorites too.

    Dea- Thank you:) There are so many great colors to choose from. The Jackie is my absolute favorite cardigan (as I'm sure you can tell).

    Caffeinerd - Thank you:)

    Gracey- Thanks!

    Kelly - Thank you! I totally understand. I always snooze until the last minute, so I run into that problem as well.

    Tammy - Thanks:)

    Vintageglammz - Thank you!

  10. I love that color combination!

  11. The combo of colors is fantastic! I love this outfit and it is perfectly office appropriate.

  12. What a fabulous outfit for work! I love the Dansko mary janes- are they a recent purchase?

  13. I think this outfit is the perfect combination of professional and creative. The super autumnal color palette is really lovely. And J.Crew's Jackie cardigan is one of my favorite basics; I have a whole bunch in different colors, and I wear them like crazy!

  14. Terrie - Thanks!

    Jess - Thank you! I definitely felt like this was a successful outfit - it made me happy and it was appropriate for work.

    Loraine - Thanks:) No, these shoes are not new. I wear them (and my black pair) quite often to work. They are perfect for my trouble-making feet!

    Christy - Thanks! The jackie is pretty much perfect. I have lots of different colors as well and almost always have one on at work.

  15. I love how J Crew's brilliant colours always make interesting combinations- especially this bright olive and eggplant. yum.

    ...and I feel you on the work dressing. I wear a riot of colours and patterns now because I spent 8 years wearing exclusively black, blue and tan, patterns forbidden. We used to wear ties just to express ourselves (I have a lot of wild ties now!)

  16. Love the color combo of this - especially the splash of bright with the cardigan.