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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Hugo update: 10 months old

Holy smokes.  10 months old.  My baby is 10 months old!  He is an absolute joy and I am loving every single day with him.  He is constantly learning and doing new things.  How lucky am I to be his mama?!?!

*Moving!  Hugo crawls, army crawls, rolls, climbs, and walks while holding onto things.  He wants to go, go, go and explore everything.

*Books.  We usually sit on the couch and read for a good 30 minutes or so every morning when we wake up. This is one time that Hugo actually sits still. He gets so excited for his favorite book, I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean. He can even turn the pages by himself now:)

*The recycling bin.  When we are in the kitchen, Hugo makes a beeline for the recycling bin (we have it sitting on the floor by the sink).  He likes to take everything out of it, rip up papers, shake plastic bottles, etc.  It's the funnest thing.  Who needs toys?

*Getting his diaper changed (who wants to lay still for 1 minute?  ha!)

*Being buckled into the car seat.  He's fine once we get going, but he has no problem letting us know that he doesn't appreciate being strapped down.

Hugo sleeps in bed with us.  I like having him close by, he likes to be close by, and it makes middle of the night feeding much easier.  He wakes up anywhere between 2-6 times to eat.  This is fine with me at this point.  It's typically a quick feed and then we are both right back to sleep. 

He is still nursing a lot and doesn't seem extremely interested in solids.  Some days he will eat everything we offer him and other days he just wants a few bites then he is done.  He is adventurous though and will try pretty much anything.  His favorites include mango, peanut butter (usually on a rice cake), pear, steak, and avocado.

Hugo loves his stand up piano (like this).  His other favorite toys include maracas and a wooden hammer.  He carries that hammer around everywhere!  He enjoys non-toys a lot too, like plastic bottles with water or rice in them.  When I change his diaper I always give him something to hold to distract him.  It's always the weirdest thing like a sticker or a price tag (that came off of new clothing) that he loves the most.  

First tooth (bottom left) - 8/10/14
Started reaching arms up (to be picked up) - 8/22/14
Started moving all around the house via army crawl - 8/29/14
Stood up on his own (with support) -  9/20/14
First wave (he was  SO proud of himself:) - 10/26/14 9mo old
First clap- 11/8/14