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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Turnip the Heat

Hi!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Things have been busy around here - I spend a lot of time chasing Hugo (who is now 10 months old!  What?!?!) around the house. He loves to climb, crawl, army crawl, and walk (with support) all over the place. I will do proper update on him soon.  I also have a few outfits to share.  I ended up doing 15 minutes of black friday shopping yesterday, at anthropologie of course. I picked up the Tapestry Pencil Skirt, which is gorgeous IRL.

I wanted to do a quick post for any local (Portland, OR)  readers.  My friend Joanna is running an awesome sale for her cooking school, Turnip the Heat.  Isn't that the best business name?  See a post from her website below.  I'm thinking about attending the Edible Giftsfor Adults class.  I love giving out homemade gifts!

Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend:)


All Turnip the Heat Classes are 25% off until Sunday, November 30th! Stock up!

Would you like a gift certificate for an adult or kid class? Those are 25% off too!! Email turniptheheatcooking@gmail.com to get a gift certificate mailed to your home just in time for holiday celebrations.

Classes for December

Holiday Baking for Kids
Edible Gifts for Kids
Edible Gifts for Adults

And if you are planning ahead….

Valentine’s Day Romantic Dinner Date!

Classes are scheduled through March. Check them all out here