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Monday, March 17, 2014

my top 10 newborn/postpartum list

I wanted to put together a quick list of some of my favorite and most-used baby items as well a few must-have things for new moms.  While pregnant, I spent so much time researching, building our registry, and trying to figure out which items we needed.  Lists like this were so helpful.  Now that Hugo is almost 2 month old, I can share our favorites thus far.

Yes, these are pricey.  Yes, they are worth every penny.  I'm so glad I bought these.  We use them every single day for multiple purposes.  They are great swaddlers, car seat covers, actual blankets, burp cloths, stroller blankets, etc.  I'm glad I got 4 of them so we always have one ready while the others are being washed.  Of course I had to get the pack that contained the bee print.  Love these!

We received so many different swaddle blankets/wraps/etc. and this is hands-down the best one.  We use this one at night when Hugo sleeps for longer stretches.  It is easy to use, impossible for Hugo to break out of (as far as I can tell), and keeps him warm and cozy. 

From what I've heard, nail clippers are very hard to use on babies.  I've heard terrible stories about moms accidentally clipping baby's skin. I bought these because of all the great reviews and I have been very happy with them.  It has been easy to keep Hugo's nails trimmed so he doesn't scratch his face too much.

We use cloth diapers and wipes and have since day 1.  If you decide to go that route, I highly recommend these diapers.  They fit great, are easy to wash/use, and do their job well.  Plus, how cute are little cloth-diapered bums?  These are all-in-one so they are very similar to disposable diapers - just snap it on and you are good to go.  Hugo is still wearing the newborn size, so I'm glad we invested in these.  I'm looking forward to trying the bigger "one size fits all" size.  We use prefolds and fitteds from Green Mountain Diapers as well, which are great, but these are our favorites.

We were lucky enough to be gifted this wonderful stroller.  I really like how it converts to a bassinet.  There is a "cocoon" inside that bassinet that you can easily lift out (see here),  which comes in handy if baby falls asleep in the stroller, or if it's cold out and you want to bundle baby up first before heading outside.  We have even taken the entire bassinet off of the stroller and used it as an actual bassinet inside the house.  The 3 of us are very happy with this stroller.

As much as I love our stroller, sometimes I prefer the moby wrap.  Hugo loves to be close to mama (or daddy), it's convenient, and it keeps people from trying to touch baby.  It took a few youtube videos to figure out how to put it on, but now that we have it down, it's quite easy.  Hugo almost always goes to sleep in the moby, so I think it get's his seal of approval too:)

Hugo has only had 1 diaper rash so far (yeast) and this cream took care of it within 1 day.  Our midwife recommended it and it has been great.  Any time his bum starts to get a little red, I put a dab of this on it and it resolves right away.  

If you are pregnant and planning on breastfeeding or currently breastfeeding, do yourself a favor and pick up some of this nipple butter.  Just do it.  You will thank yourself later.   This brand is wonderful (we also use the baby lotion and shampoo), and their products get a great score on the skin deep website.

When I first saw the lactation consultant when Hugo was about a week old, she recommended these nursing pads.  I was using the disposable kind which were very uncomfortable and abrasive against my damaged nipples.  I felt such relief when I switched those out for these cool, silky pads.  They are washable and are antimicrobial.  I suggest just going with these from day 1 and forget about the disposable pads.

I didn't plan ahead very well for nursing gear when I was pregnant.  I only bought 1 tank and 1 sleeping bra.  I ended up having to send Ben out about a week after Hugo was born to pick up more tanks.  I have a few products from Motherhood Maternity and a few from Target and I have to say, the Target products are so much better.  I love their tanks and sleeping bras.  I don't recommend getting actual nursing bras from target, but their tanks and sleeping bras are great!  If you are pregnant, go ahead and get a handful of tanks and at least 2 sleeping bras.  You will need them.