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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hugo update: 6 weeks

 * Nursing!  I think he would nurse 24/7 if he could:)  I am currently breast feeding him every hour while he's awake to try to increase my supply.  He is quite happy with this arrangement.  Breast feeding has been very challenging for us. I'm so glad we have been able to work through the challenges thus far and it makes me so happy to be able to breast feed him.  
 * Swinging.  He just starting liking his swing in the past week or so.  We tried it early on and he was not  a fan.  We put it away for a while and just brought it back out last week.  He loves it!  Sometimes he goes right to sleep and other times he just likes to sit in it and look around.
 * Going new places.  He loves new places and being around lots of people/sounds.  He's very curious and I think he will be adventurous when he's older.
* Baths.  He takes baths with his dad.  As soon as he dips down into the warm water, he gets so relaxed.  We always joke that he is at the baby spa because he seems to enjoy it so much and it makes him so calm and happy.
* Dance parties.  He LOVES music and dancing.  When he is acting a bit fussy, all we have to do is crank up the music and dance with him!

Not much to say here.  He is such a calm, happy baby.  He definitely dislikes being hungry!  As soon as he wakes up at night to eat, he wants it RIGHT THEN.  He also doesn't like tummy time too much, but I think that's common.  

He is a great sleeper (knock on wood).  He goes down for the night sometime between 10:00 and 12:00 and sleeps for 4 to 6 hour chunks (usually 4.5 to 5 hours).  He wakes up to eat and get a quick diaper change, then he's right back down.  He doesn't sleep much during the day.  He takes a few little cat naps here and there and maybe one 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon.

As I mentioned, Hugo eats every hour while he's awake right now.  This is to help increase my milk supply.  Our breastfeeding journey has been rocky, but it's getting better every day.  The first week was so hard.  I ended up with bloody/sore/cracked nipples.  I started seeing a lactation consultant which has been a huge help.  I am currently taking lots of herbs plus a prescription medication, feeding him every hour, pumping after some feeds, drinking mother's milk tea, etc. to increase my supply.  Everything I'm doing is working, thank goodness.  He gained a whole pound in the past 2 weeks and I've even been able to start freezing a stash for my return to work!  Even with all of our troubles, I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

Hugo loves sitting in the bouncer on the kitchen table.  He hangs out there while I make my breakfast in the morning.  He likes to look around and stare out the window.  He also likes laying on his playmat and looking up at the toys.  We have story time every day - he  enjoys hearing our voices:)

First car ride (to see the midwife and lactation consultant) 1/31/14 (6 days old)
First bath (LOVED it) - 2/2/14 (8 days old)
First smile - 2/11/14 (2.5 weeks old)
First real tear - 2/19/14
First sounds (quiet little coos when smiling)- 2/20/14
First time I  left him (he stayed home with dad while I went to an acupuncture appt.) - 2/22/14 (4 weeks old)
First bottle (of pumped breast milk).  He was not interested at first, but once he tasted the breast milk, he gulped it right down - 2/22/14
First time trying a paci (not a fan) - 2/24/14

It is such a pleasure to be Hugo's mom.  I love getting to know him, watching him learn and grown, and navigating all of the changes and challenges that motherhood brings.  He melts my heart every time he smiles.  I have seriously started bawling a few times when he looks up at me and smiles so big and bright.  The love in this house is overwhelming and beautiful.  I grow more in love with him everyday as bits of his personality shine through.  He is laid-back, curious, adventurous, happy, and just perfect!