"It was the oldest sound in the world. Souls flying away." The Secret Life of Bees

Monday, January 13, 2014

Put a bow on it

I'm still here and still pregnant:)  How was your weekend?  Mine was nice - busy and restful at the same time.  We stocked up on groceries, I finally got a new phone (I needed an update in a major way and I'm excited about the new camera on the Iphone 5s), I went out for 1 last pre-baby pedicure with a friend, went to accupuncture, and Ben and I went to the movies to see Her (an excellent movie!).  In between all of that, we cleaned the house and I tried to rest/nap.

I actually slept fairly well the past couple of nights so I'm feeling pretty good today, even though I had a long day at work.  This is definitely going to be my last week at work, even if baby doesn't decide to make his appearance this week.  It's getting harder and harder to be at work all day and my midwife does not want me working past my due date (which is Thursday, 1/16).  I'm going to transition out over the week and will take a few afternoons off to make sure I stay as rested as possible.  I initially wanted to work until I went into labor (and that may still happen if he comes this week), but I'm really feeling relieved to have a definite stop date confirmed.

These are just a couple of random outfits from the past few weeks.  I think the first one was actually from the holidays and the second was from last week.

Jeans:  Loft maternity
Top:  Gap maternity
Cardigan:  Anthropologie
Socks:  Sock it to me 

Jeans:  Loft maternity (LOVE these jeans!)
Top:  Gap maternity
Cardigan:  Anthropologie
Socks:  b.ella
Shoes:  Dansko