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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pregnancy Update: Full Term


How far along: 40 weeks and 5 days

Development: According to The Bump, baby is the size of a jackfruit (whatever that is!) and he is ready for the outside world

Symptoms: Very tired, sore (especially through my hips/pubic bone), swollen, and still dealing with pregnancy insomnia. I think my pubic bone adjusted itself one night as I was trying to move around and get comfortable in bed.  A couple of weeks ago, the chiropractor said it desperately needed an adjustment, but she was not willing to do that this far along in the pregnancy.  I felt and heard a big pop and it suddenly felt so much better!  I no longer have the on-fire, intense pain, just the soreness.
Maternity clothes: Just rotating through the few things that fit at this point.

Stretch marks: I have lots of stretch marks on my lower abdomen.  It is what it is and at this point, it is not really on my list of concerns.

Sleep: Still struggling with pregnancy insomnia.  The past few nights have been a bit better (probably because I don't have to worry about work any more and can sleep in!).  I've been trying to wind down before bed by going through a guided meditation, relaxing with tea, etc.  

Best moment of this week:  Being done with work so I can focus on being ready for baby.

Miss anything: Same as last check in:  sleep, being able to roll over in bed, and being able to wear fancy shoes.

Movement: His movement has gotten very sporadic over the last few weeks.  Some days he is very still/settled, and other days it seems like he's moving all over the place.  I've had a couple of NST's (non-stress tests) to make sure the decrease in movement is not due to him being distressed for some reason.  My midwife said he is fine, no reason to be concerned.  My joints are popping a lot these days, especially my left ankle for some reason.  I notice that almost every time that ankle pops, baby moves - it seems like it startles him or something.  I thought it was just a coincidence at first, but it happens almost every time.

Food cravings:  Orange juice, and cinnamon rolls.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really.

Have you started to show yet: Ha!

Gender: Boy!!

Labor signs: I saw my midwife this morning and am 3cm dilated!  I've been having contractions over the past few days, nothing intense or regular, but they must be doing something!  I have been going to prenatal yoga, and getting chiropractor adjustments and acupuncture.  This past weekend Ben and I walked a lot of stairs.  We went to Mt. Tabor and walked the 288 stairs to the top twice.

Belly button in or out: I can't believe it, but still in.

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time:  I am happy, excited, and can hardly wait for him to get here:)  I"m also starting to feel a bit frustrated and irritable too though.  This is exhausting.  The now constant inquiries from family members are making me a little bit crazy:)

Looking forward to:  His arrival!

40 weeks

Yoga at 40w1d

Mt. Tabor stairs

Wish me luck!  The midwife instructed me to rest and nap today to prepare for possible labor tonight (if not tonight, hopefully tomorrow).  I'm ready!!!