"It was the oldest sound in the world. Souls flying away." The Secret Life of Bees

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Looking high and low

I finally got around to hanging up some frames today on one of our blank living room walls.  I have been thinking about doing this for quite some time and started collecting frames a few months ago.  I could still use a few more nice, ornamental frames, but I think the project is off to a good start.  I found this guide on Pinterest, which was really helpful.  I ended up going with #4, Line Up.  I really, really like the way it turned out.
Found on Pinterest, originally from LiveLoveDIY

Unfortunately, this whole process led me to a (potentially) terrible discovery.  Our "real" (from film) photos from our Paris honeymoon are missing.  ACK!!!!  Once we got all of the frames up on the wall, I started filling them with pictures I had picked out.  Like I said, I've been thinking about this photo wall for a while now, and I had some photos in mind that I knew I wanted to put up.  I also ordered a print from Etsy to include.  As I was doing this, I asked Ben to hand me our Paris photos.  He didn't see them on the bookshelf, so I went to grab them.  I was sure he had just overlooked them.  Nope, not there.  We are talking 10-12 packs of photos with the negatives.  Not a super small thing that would easily be misplaced.  We went through the entire bookshelf, taking every single book out, looking behind, on top of, underneath - no pictures.  We then proceeded to search the entire house.  Still no luck.  We'll look again tomorrow.  Fingers and toes crossed that they turn up.  I have this distant memory of me telling Ben "I'm going to stick these pictures _______, so don't let me forgot where they are".  I don't know if that actually happened or if I'm imagining it though.  It feels like I'm going to remember where they are any second now.....  I hate this feeling!  It's driving me crazy.  It's like when you can't remember someone's name, but it's on the tip of your tongue.  I'm so glad we have a lot of digital photos from the trip.  Still though, there is something really special about the film photos and I will be sad if we can't find them.    

Here is an outfit from a few days ago.  It doesn't feel like spring yet, but it also doesn't really feel like winter anymore.

Jacket:  J. Crew
Top:  Anthropologie Deeply Rooted Henly
Skirt:  Anthropologie
Cardigan:  J. Crew Jackie
Tights:  Hue
Shoes:  Anthropologie Bouquet-of-Roses shoes
Necklace:  RedEnvelope
Bracelets:  Antrhopologie

Just for fun, here I am with one of the chicks!  Can you tell I don't really like to hold them?  It makes me nervous when they start flapping their wings.  They are getting feisty!

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