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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Olivia Cutout Oxfords

My Olivia Cutout Oxfords arrived last week.  I adore them!  Ben is not so sure.  Here is how our conversation went when I opened the package:

Me:  Oh My God, I LOVE these!!!
Ben:  *stares at me with a confused look on his face*
Me:  Aren't these amazing???
Ben:  Ummmm, do you really like those?
Me:  YES!  What is not to love?  They are oxfords, they contain both of my most favorite colors, they are gorgeous.
Ben:  Oh, okay.  I'm just surprised that you like them.
Me:  How could you possibly be surprised?  Why would I not like them?
Ben:  I don't know, they just seem like weird purple bowling shoes with big ribbons on top.  I just can't believe you actually like them.

Coat:  J. Crew
Top:  Anthropologie Trace the Stars Blouse
Cardigan:  J. Crew Jackie
Jeans:  Joe's Jeans via Anthropologie
Purse:  Hobo
Shoes:  Anthropologie  Olivia Cutout Oxfords

I will admit that Ben has saved me from a fashion disaster or two.  Sometimes, he is spot on.  But this is not one of those times.  Sorry Ben, but you are so very wrong about these beauties!  These shoes are gorgeous, unique, eye-catching, and comfortable.  They are TTS and made very well.  I know that I will be rockin' these on a regular basis, regardless of the fact that my husband thinks it looks like I'm wearing bowling shoes:)