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Friday, April 15, 2011

Bee Pin

Happy Friday! It's been a long week, so I'm very excited that the weekend is here. I don't have any major plans (yet). I'm going to a yoga class tomorrow morning and other than that I plan on taking it easy and seeing where the weekend takes me.

My new oxfords (first mentioned here) are wonderful! I love them. They are TTS and very comfortable. The are sturdy yet stylish. I am a little bit confused because I ordered the gray ("pewter") color, then I received an email from the owner of Repeat Possessions telling me they were out of pewter, but that they did have black in stock. I told her that black would be great. So, I got the shoes and the shoe box says "black", but I swear they are gray. So, I'm very happy, but I'm not sure if these are black or pewter. The tan color is very nice too. I definitely recommend them (here they are)!

I wore this outfit a few days ago. I love it because it features my new bee pin that Ben picked up for me, my new oxfords, and one of my favorite Anthropologie tops.

Top: Anthropologie Lettuce Florets Blouse
Cardigan: J. Crew Jackie
Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Tights: J. Crew
Shoes: Gee Wawa via Repeat Possessions
Pin: Vintage

I LOVE the television show Mad Men. I have the biggest crush on Don Draper and Joan (Christina Hendricks). I also find a good deal of style/fashion inspiration from the show.

Considering my obsession with Mad Men, and the fact that my vintage bee pin was making me feel very Mad Men-esque, Ben decided to have a little fun with photoshop, and this is the result:

I love it! Have a great weekend!


  1. You look like you fit right into the set and you're the Queen Bee. I love the shades of green together and the pleated skirt. What a fun outfit!

  2. Ha, Don's new no-nonsense secretary! no more lying to the wife for him...

    I love this- the oxfords are totally grey, and really quite perfect.

    this also reminds me I have a bee pin lying around waiting for a stray pearl to be glued on...some tasks for tomorrow...

    I adore your glasses by the way- I don't think I ever expressed that! Where did you find them?

  3. Hee hee, not just Mad Men, but almost Portlandia...you "put a bee on it." :)

  4. Your outfit and expression fit right in! I love the mix of colors and the bee brooch is fab!

  5. You Go Kristin!! Omg! This is too cute :) The bee pin is so adorable and the seafoam? Colors look good on you. The Oxford's are amazing. And they don't look black to me :)

  6. Too much - I absolutely love it! How clever! The outfit is great. I remember longing for that blouse last year.

  7. You look like a perfect match to your other cast members. Very cute pin.

  8. Hi Tien! Thank you so much!

    Sarah - Haha! Thank you. Yes, fix your bee pin - I want to see it! I found my glasses at a local vintage shop (Hollywood vintage). They had never been worn before (dead stock) and were in perfect condition. I searched through hundreds of pairs before finding these, but it was worth it.

    TrophyBoutique - Love it! Yep, put a bee on it! Haha!

    Loraine - Thank you!

    Gabby - Thanks:) They are totally gray, right? I was really confused when I opened the box.

    Peggy - Thank you! I had to search and search for the blouse after it hit sale. I was so happy once I tracked it down!

    Andriea - Thanks!

  9. You fit right into the poster! Very cute!

  10. Haha i love the Mad Men picture, it's such a great show. I love getting lost in the '60s and forgetting about all of our technology while watching it. you fit right in! I love that blouse, with those asymmetrical buttons!

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  11. I thought you were starring in the next episode of Mad Men! (fantastic photo shop skills) Hahaha!

    The blouse and cardi go so well together, I would have never thought to pair those colors. You look gorgeous.

  12. Oh, I love the photoshopped picture. That is just brilliant. I also love your bee pin (so cute) and that top with the cardigan is beautiful on you.

  13. It's funny you mentioned Mad Men because I was going to say that you totally look "Mad Men set ready!" I adore the silhouette of that era, and I wish that that style looked good on me. It looks perfect on you! And that bee pin just tops the cake off like sweet icing :)

  14. The bee pin is the perfect addition to your outfit! I like the Photoshop image...Mad Men is one of my favorite shows and I can't wait for the new season.

  15. Haha, I love the Mad Men photo! It's so appropriate with this outfit. These colors are so pretty with your complexion.

  16. Hi!! It's my first comment on your blog!!
    I haven't seen the show! I will have to check it out!
    The bee pin is very interesting!! Love the color!!

  17. Farmer Jo - Thanks:)

    Megan - Isn't it great? I like imagining what life would be like if I were living during that time. Crazy!

    Steph - Haha! Thanks! I am loving mint right now and I like to pair it with pretty much everything:)

    Gracey - Thank you! I just love my new bee.

    Laura - Thanks! It does seem like a lot of my favorite dresses/skirts are 50's/60's inspired.

    Kelly - I am looking forward to the new season as well. I really think it is a great show - I love the characters, the story lines, and the awesome style/fashion!

    Mich - Thanks! I was so excited when Ben showed me the photoshopped image (yes, I'm a dork)!

  18. Hi Keiko! Thanks for stopping by:) Yes, you should check out Mad Men! You will love it. Hope you are having a great weekend!

  19. Oh man, i love that Mad Men picture! You make a great extra Kristin :-)
    I love your Mad Men inspired outfit - very 50s secretary. The bee pin is a quirky touch.

  20. so cute, love the bee and your mad men guest appearance!

  21. I gotta know. How did you do this? It doesn't look like you are standing in front of a poster. Is this like high tech digitally remastered or something. Regardless, it's genious. I think your Bee Pin would be happy to meet my Anthro Bee Ring

  22. Hehe. That photoshop job is awesome. You fit right in there :) I love the color scheme of this outfit a lot. I'm currently slightly obsessed with that seafomy teal color. And the bee is such a lovely touch to the whole thing too. + yeah! Portland :) I live here too.

  23. Ha! I love Mad Men too! I have such a huge crush on Roger Sterling. Weird, I know, but he's such a good looking older man!

    I think these oxford shoes are fabulous. They look like they're good quality and nice and sturdy. I'm so happy the colour worked. This pale turquoise colour is very flattering on you as well :)

  24. I love that shirt. One of my Anthro regrets is purchasing then returning it last year. And, I love the aesthetic you are going for what that outfit.

  25. WOw what a great skirt, i love it!

  26. Love this skirt---look is definitely very Mad Men! :) Thanks for your comment---the new dress my have sneaked into the engagement shoot lead!

  27. I love that photoshop with Mad Men and that bee pin is adorable :)

  28. Vintageglammz - Thank you! I wish I could actually be an extra on the show:) How fun!

    Alana - Thanks:)

    Laura - YES, I love your bee ring! Talk about a perfect pairing:) The Mad Men poster was done on a computer. Ben has some pretty good photoshop skills!

    Lea - Thank you! I am a bit obsessed with this mint/seafoam color as well. I think it's a perfect color for spring!

    Sweet Laundry - I agree, Rodger is a very handsome older man. Thank you! I am really enjoying the shoes.

    Jacquelyn - I remember seeing your review. I'm surprised you returned it. It's one of my favorites. Maybe it will be featured in one of your fun ebay wins posts someday?!?!

    Marcia B. - Thank you!

    Elena - Thanks:) Oh, exciting! I can't wait to see your photos.

    Kat - Thank you!

  29. Adorable Bee PIN!!! Oh and what a flawless job he did on the last picture! You guys are too funny


  30. Hilarious! I love it! I am all sorts of in love with your outfit as well. That shade of blue with that shade of green?! Totally crushing. You look awesome.

  31. Love the outfits and attitudes you all have. Glad we could help you out with the Gee Wawa Oxfords. Let us know what your next outfit might BEE....:)

  32. I LOVE everything about this:) and expect to see YOU starring in my next episode!! The shoes are a perfect match ... it's all ladylike on top and business on the bottom:)

  33. Hi Jin! Thank you:)

    Molly - Thanks so much!

    Repeat Possessions - Thanks for stopping by! I am really loving my oxfords!

    Tammy - Thank you!

  34. Love the bee pin! The whole combo is fantastic!

  35. The bee pin is awesome. Where did you find it and is it possible to find a similar one??!?

  36. Elle - Thank you!

    Emily - Thanks:) I found it at a local vintage shop (AlexSandras). I'm sure there are more out there. Try vintage shops and/or ETSY. Good luck!

  37. hahahhahahahah this is AWESOME!!!!! you are hillarious. Loved the photoshop skills. You make me laugh!