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Monday, June 13, 2011

Japanese Garden

Quick update on my brother - he is doing great! He actually got to go home this week! He was so excited to get out of the hospital:) He had to return to the burn center today for a check up and everything went very well. He's healing quickly and will be fully recovered in no time (aside from scarring, of course). It makes my heart happy to see him doing so well and recovering so quickly.

Ben and I went to the Japanese Garden yesterday. It is such a beautiful place. It's typically very quiet and peaceful, but for some reason, it was extremely crowded yesterday. We had a nice visit and even managed to get a few OOTD shots, despite the large crowds. I definitely prefer going when it's a bit more quiet, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. In addition to the Japanese Garden, we also enjoyed crepes and lattes for breakfast, a walk downtown, a visit to Powell's bookstore, and an afternoon nap. It was a great day!

Dress: Anthropologie Tuileries Dress
Cardigan: J. Crew Jackie
Bag: Anthropologie Lavender Era Bag
Shoes: Anthropologie


  1. Wow! These photos totally remind me of my house in Japan!!

    lol I'm just kidding.. But I am from Kyoto and they reminds me of the temples in kyoto!

    I love how you wore the Tuileries Dress to the garden!

    I am glad to hear that your brother is doing well!!

  2. So glad that your brother is progressing well.

    And what a gorgeous garden. I am in complete agreement with Keiko -- the Tuileries dress was a great choice for this setting. I purchased the Tuileries and returned it because I just didn't envision myself getting enough wear out of it. I am really hoping it does become "the one that got away"...

  3. Oh i love how you dressed the part for your trip. Those garden are beautiful. So lush and green. Would love to find something like that near me. From your pics though, you'd think you were the only ones there.

    Glad your brother is doing better. Burns are some seriously scary things.

  4. The setting and your outfit are both beautiful!

    I am glad to hear your brother is doing well.

  5. Lovely! All your recent pictures have been so beautiful...glad your brother is healing.

  6. The Japanese garden looks lovely and serence. and your dress is gorgeous! It's great that your brother is doing better too!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  7. These pics are Gorgeous and so is that dress! I am so glad your brother is doing better and is finally home! There is no place like home to help you recover.

  8. So happy your brother is feeling better - what a relief for your family!

    I love the Japanese gardens, they are so gorgeous. And so are you in that dress. Absolutely beautiful!

  9. Gorgeous pictures! That looks like a lovely garden. It also looks like the Tuileries Dress turned out to work very well - it looks fantastic! Also great about your brother!

  10. You always have the most gorgeous backdrops for your photos, and you choice of dress couldn't be more perfect for the setting!

  11. Beautiful photos. I love the garden backdrop, it's lovely. Perfect choice of dress!

  12. Such good news about your brother! What a perfect dress for the Gardens. You look edgy and beautiful!

  13. great news on your bro! I love your floral Anthro dress- appropriate in the garden!

  14. Just gorgeous. That dress with the setting and your tattoos...... perfect! These photos are beautiful. I am so happy to hear your bro is getting better!