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Thursday, May 19, 2011

(Sugar) Work it

After reading JG's posts about the 30 day shred over at Stuff Jewish Girls Like, I was inspired to give it a try myself. I'm 4 days into level 2 and man oh man, it's tough. Level 1 was definitely challenging, but do-able. The first couple of days were hard (holy soreness!), but I made it through the rest of it fairly easily. I started level 2 on Sunday and it is so much harder than level 1 (I'm kind of scared to see what level 3 is all about). Ben is doing it with me and after the workout on Sunday, we contemplated going back to level 1 for a few more days. We ended up deciding to stick with level 2, and I'm glad we did. It is so hard, but it feels great! I love that the workout is only 20-25 minutes, but is seriously intense (as in lots of sweat and sore muscles), and effective. I am starting to feel stronger and I can see a little bit of definition in my arms!

In other news, I was a bit let down by the "huge" anthro tag sale. Nothing on my wishlist even made it to sale. When I woke up on Tuesday, the first thing I did was check my wishlist. Nothing was different. I thought maybe I had made a mistake (wrong day?). I did end up going by my local store to see if the in-store sale was any better. I tried on the Sugar Work skirt, even though I had never paid much attention to it previously. I'm so glad I did because I love it! It is a beautiful skirt, it fits nicely and is very flattering, and it has pockets!

I love the skirt so much, I just had to wear it yesterday! I rode my bike to the park to meet up with Ben after work yesterday. It was a gorgeous day.

Top: Anthropologie
Cardigan: J. Crew Jackie
Skirt: Anthropologie Sugar Work Skirt
Belt: Anthropologie Snakebite
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Anthropologie


  1. omg! How do you pedal in those pretty as pretty heels? You must be a pro :-)
    Good-o for doing the JG challenge. I'm not doing it, but have been exercising a little more than usual.
    The skirt suits you to a T. It looks wonderful and i love that first shot. Looks vintage-y.

  2. Go Kristin! Shred it, baby! And then "work it" some more in that sugar confection. Loving the navy pairing with the skirt, and of course the SHOES! So glad you found a little somethin' at the sale. Sometimes I love falling in love with the unexpected. :)

  3. I picked this up as well, it is so cute!

  4. Love the skirt on you and love how you styled it! The colors are wonderful together!

  5. Love the navy/yellow/brown combination. And thumbs up for the bike -- everytime I see a woman with a skirt and a bike I think of (500) Days of Summer.

  6. Vintageglammz - Thank you! I didn't actually pedal to the park in these shoes, but I did pedal around the park in them and it was surprisingly easy. These shoes are tougher than the look:)

    Molly - Thank you! I appreciate the encouragement:) I agree, I love those unexpected pieces and they usually end up being worn the most.

    LC - I can't wait to see how you style it! It really is a great piece.

    Loraine - Thank you!

    Thessa - Thanks! I have to admit I felt pretty cool riding my bike in this outfit:)

  7. That skirt is Fabulous! It is just perfect for a sunny day.

  8. I was the same!! I never tried the skirt before but I ended up getting it on the sale day at my local store, too! You look so cute in it!! I love that your bike is yellow too! If I saw you riding in a park, I would have eye on you until you are gone!!

  9. Wooo, so glad you're sticking with the shred and enjoying it! Loving that skirt on you...

  10. That shot of you on your bike in your skirt is fantastic! I was intrigued by the Sugar Work skirt when I saw it in-store, but I didn't try it on... Now I might just have to go back, because that looks so lovely on you!

  11. Awwe, you are so cute! I bought that skirt, too :) I LOVE it! You styled it perfectly!

  12. that skirt is adorable! love the color and design. and oh-my-word how many adorable pairs of shoes do you have? you need to do a shoe post so I can see them all! haha :)

  13. What lovely pictures! That skirt is really gorgeous paired with those heels! And I've been contemplating doing the 30 day shred. I've heard lots of good stuff about it, but I've just been too busy or too chicken. Will definitely try it now!
    the blog of worldly delights

  14. Oh yes, I have those shoes too and they are awesome, I bet you could even work out in 'em. Such a cute skirt! It matches your bike! I heard about the 30 day shred too. My friend did it and it worked! Go Kristin!

  15. First of all, I was half way through commenting on this post yesterday, and then I got distracted (with work)! So let me try to remember what I wanted to say....

    Basically, I'm crazy for yellow these days (even though I don't own any) and have been on the look out for some yellow pieces to add to my wardrobe. This skirt is so cute and I love how it matches your bicycle!

  16. The Sugar Work? I let this get past me. Big Mistake!

    Your style with the Bouquet of Roses Heels is both daring and darling. It would have never occurred to me that Golden Leather, Bright Sunny Yellow, and a bicycle ride on a perfect day would make such a fun photo Op. And I bet it was all possible with a handy dandy remote. Teehee!

    Weren't you fearful of scuffing your Miss Albright's

    It's such a small blog world. I just ordered my J Crew Jackie in Black last night. And here I see you wearing it in Navy. I was also enticed by you to order something else.

  17. OOooh, congrats on the shred. I don't think I've made it to level 2 before?

    That skirt is lovely.

  18. Emma - Thank you!

    Keiko - Thanks! I love how you styled the skirt! I need to hop on the blazer bandwagon:)

    JG - Thank you:) I am officially half way through level 2. I'm excited, but also very scared about level 3.

    Julierosesews - Thanks! You should give it a try. It really is great. I wasn't that interested in it until I tried it on, then I LOVED it!

    Carly - Thank you! I can't wait to see you wear it!

    Leanna - Thanks! I do have a thing for shoes:)

    Laura - Thanks:) I was pretty scared when I first started the 30 day shred, but now I am actually enjoying it a bit. My body does feel much better/stronger. Go for it!

    Lisa - Aren't these the best shoes ever? So cute and seriously comfortable.

    Sweet Laundry - Thanks! I am really loving yellow right now too:) My bike is an old french bike from the 60's. My BF has done a lot of work on it, so it rides really smoothly. I love it!

    Laura - Thank you! It was a super fun photo session. My BF is acting as the remote:) He takes all of my photos. No, I was pretty careful with the shoes and they made it through okay:) You are going to love your jackie cardigan!

    13 - Thanks! I'm seriously worried about level 3, but level 2 is already feeling easier.

  19. Love this color of this skirt, so pretty! Isn't yellow great for warm weather?

  20. That skirt is so perfect, it looks great! And I can't tell you how much I miss Portland's beautiful parks and biking through them... sigh. Thanks for the comment :)

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  21. ooooo so nice! my first time here and i am definitely following!