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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pizza on the grill

Ben and I decided to have grilled pizza last night. We tried this once before (on christmas day actually, when we had some friends over). The pizza was excellent the first time around and even better last night!

Here is the homemade dough. Ben started it a few hours before dinner time so that it would have time to properly rise, etc. He has been on a bread baking spree lately, filling our house with lovely smells almost every day!

Here is the huge mess I made in the kitchen while cutting up all of the toppings!

On the grill!

After grilling one side, the toppings go on, and then back out to the grill they go. Yes, we made a TON of pizzas. The dough recipe Ben used ended up making 7 of these smallish pizzas. We froze the leftovers so we can just pop one in the oven for a quick lunch or for when we are short on time for dinner.

Grilled to perfection

Finished product - So delicious!


  1. OMG, thin-crust pizza is one of my fave food EVER. Your pizza look sooooo delicious!

  2. Looks tasty. Now that I have a bread machine I may make some dough, though I do love Trader Joe's wheat pizza crust.

  3. Lisa, it tasted as good as it looks! It took quite a bit of time to prepare the dough and the grill, etc. but it was so worth it!

    Jacquelyn, you should try it! I have never used a bread machine, but I'm sure it would work well. When we don't have time to make homemade dough, we always use Trador Joe's. In fact, last time we had pizza (which was just last week), we used the TJ's wheat crust!